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Even in a bed he didn't need to think of anything: just as the spouse it is sensible I adjusted their life, she suited also their sexual relationship. Therefore it could be given completely to favourite business - Arnold worked as the sound producer for radio. Sometimes it seemed to Maria that Arnold involves with her only a small part of the sexual potential. Once, at the end of an orgasm she slightly opened eyes and noticed the studying spouse's look. It was already discharged, but continued an erection, trying to prolong Maria's pleasure. Another time it extremely delayed sexual intercourse. Maria already several times shouted and literally was exhausted under him, and he everything continued to get into her monotonously. Having collected all the ability, Maria eventually forced him to terminate, but having recovered, thought that he, probably, wished to bring her to prostration or that she began to ask for mercy from him. "The naive boy", Maria thought then. - "I passed through it then never to one man to zatrakhat me". Silent silent Arnold never tried to have oral sex with Maria. Sometimes she felt in it requirement, but didn't decide to fall without his hint below a stomach. Several times her breasts touched the hardened dick. It seemed still slightly and Arnold will make several movements by her towards, at last will let know that would like it. But the spouse lay panting, caressing a voluminous black hair of Maria as if and without representing that his flesh can be treated kindly by wife's lips and language. Maria hardly constrained herself, but the fear to seem dismissed in the opinion of the husband held her. Once, having come in the evening home, Maria with alarm noticed that Arnold who left her towards somehow is unusually pale. He silently examined the wife as if video for the first time. Maria was going to pass to the room, gently his poluobnyal, with amazement having found out that his dick is strongly horney. Before it never happened. Balanced Arnold was made horney only in a bed... - What is with you, darling? - nestling on him more closely, Maria whispered. - Dirty whore! - Arnold muttered. A march to the bedroom! - he quite roughly pushed her. - What happened? - Maria became puzzled and, submitting to his ox, passed to the following room. - Undress! - the spouse bellowed, having covered for himself a door. The shaken Maria silently looked at him. - Undress, - Arnold repeated. - What occurs? Did you go crazy?! Then Arnold approached her and strongly jerked a blouse on her breast. Buttons as if peas, fell down on a floor. Maria didn't manage to come round as Arnold with a crash broke off in half a bra. - What are you doing idiot? You what, never saw me the head? Well so look! - she furiously broke from herself the remains of clothes and stopped in the middle of the room, defiantly shaking boobies. - It is good! - examining the naked wife, Arnold growled. - Then become as you stood here. And he threw the photo on a bed. When Maria peered into the image, as if would pour over her a hot wave. Alas, on a photo there was she, Maria, only for the whole seven years is younger. Naked, with shamelessly naked thighs, she was kneeling on the edge of a sofa. Olaf with his dense black beard was attached behind, having half shipped a dick in her bosom and rather impudently grinning. Youth sins! It was photographed in the most obscene poses, sometimes asking permissions, and sometimes and without asking. In this their company it was in the nature of things. What didn't make only with it also what only she didn't make, realizing the rough sexual fantasy. Eventually time to think of the future came, and she decided to marry Arnold, having hidden from him the rough biography. When she left, Olaf, the main ringleader, the motor of their good company, sarcastically noticed: your hubby sometime surely learns about everything. But those years of Maria and to mind couldn't but could come that the old friend will act this way piggishly - will throw old pictures to the spouse. - Rascal! - in a fit of temper Maria whispered, for the first time hesitating of the magnificent nakedness. - And can be we will try this today? Arnold threw one more card on a bed. On her Maria having selflessly rolled up eyes, I swallowed someone's it is impossible the thick tool. Now she tensely was silent, feeling as the sweat droplet slowly rolls down her naked back down. - Well so that or it? Choose! - terribly Arnold told. - Are you serious? - without looking in his party, Maria quietly asked again. - Absolutely! - hysterically Arnold threw. Maria understood that between them there is not a just family scene. Probably these shameless photos mentioned some intimate string in Arnold's soul and he doesn't know that he creates. - Time so - then this! - Maria recklessly pointed to the second photo. Arnold slightly turned pink. - Shameless person! - as if even with admiration he would throw. Maria quickly approached him and undid trousers. "At parting though I will give to this blunderer true pleasure!" - she thought and started long ago desirable. From touch of her lips the husband shuddered. She was risen more persistently, having called to the aid all the wealth of experience. The culmination came so quickly that Maria didn't even manage to catch lips whitish liquid. Arnold fitfully embraced her head and by the broken voice whispered: