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Scanners shouldn't mark us. – Shouldn't or won't mark? – not less tensely the young woman standing at him behind the back in a uniform of the captain of the third rank of the fleet of the joint colonies specified. Comfortable dark blue trousers with a little inappropriate "arrow"; the same color the single-breasted coat which is skillfully masking the fine perfectly developed figure; uniform mockery – officer boots, by all means too big, too small size – and the garrison cap adding a molodtsevatost with the sign in the form of dozen of round planets connected by the silvery line … The dress didn't leave doubts that the girl got used to watch herself because not a uniform wrinkle on carefully ironed form wouldn't notice also the most captious checking. She stood, having placed legs on width of shoulders and having stuffed up hands for a back, and tensely peered into indications of devices the slightly slanting eyes giving Asian origin. The perfected movement the officer removed the right hand because of a back and took away accidentally beaten out curl of hair of color of a voronov of a wing under a garrison cap. – Our ship is designed so that everyone, even the slightest, emission of fuel, thermal energy or some other mark left usually by the ships occurs not outside, and in special compartments. That is, any device which is adjusted on tracking of the ships won't see anything that usually sees, мэм, – the pilot answered. – In other words, the equipment with guarantee won't see us and won't hear. – And if they guess simply to look up? – Then to us end. Visually the ship isn't disguised in any way. But for hundreds of years even military got used to count everything on an equipment eye of Omniscience. – Don't forget that it is not ordinary military. – I don't forget, мэм. Because I remember, at me fingers shiver. The ship came into the planet orbit Orpheus-three which didn't have own name and being content with designation of the third from the star. It was so accepted by drawing up celestial maps of the big regions which aren't made habitable by mankind yet. And Orpheus-three was just in depth of such region, more than in two and a half system miles from borders of the joint colonies. That the captain of the third rank of KIA Isimura, starpy on the tactical strike fighter "SSU Arktur" worried stronger. Command sent them in these novel distances with the accurate order: to find out what is done on her by the unknown identified by the system of deep search. This system scanned space at superlight speeds in search of intelligent life. Joint creation of scientific five races, a system still I didn't find any look unknown to science, but it was excellent help in counterintelligence. A week ago the searcher revealed presence of group of the people who landed on this planet in the depth of neutral space. What can people do there? A lot of things: the next fanatics who decided to separate from other mankind, runaway swindlers or pirates, immigrants enthusiasts … Anyway, for military and intelligence agents such persons can represent nothing especially interesting. But when the captain of the first rank Kim, Isimura's commander, declared that they go to a task to deep space, he told how the administration which caused him straight off swept aside all other options, except one: imperial investigation. Why the elite of special forces of the main opponent landed on the godforsaken planet and from where it is known, the captain didn't ask. He was the skilled gimper and got used not to ask excess questions. So a team was gathered and amicably started from the planetary station "Kripto". Now they were going to land on Orpheus-three. Having rounded the planet on an orbit, the ship came in the land. The engines designed especially for imperceptible flights were reconstructed in the atmospheric mode, and team, desperately worrying, prepared for the direct beginning of operation. They worried because imperial investigation which was expected to meet here, I was famous for cruelty and ruthlessness of the special troops. As during battles for Paleoz when the special purpose separate crew of the Star headquarters of the Terrestrial empire cut out at the roots the population of the whole continent for refusal to recognize imperial protectorate and to disconnect the system of planetary defense. Having thrown the cities nuclear missiles and having left on their place only craters of black glass, special forces soldiers sprayed in the atmosphere the genetic virus which deprived of all someone survived on the continent, ability to a reproduction. Finally this part of the planet began the continuous technogenic camp which contained a huge number of the automated plants where the dying-out descendants of the first colonists incapable first worked to continue a sort. Nobody knew to what genius in the Star headquarters went to the head to send special troops to that system instead of the regular fleet, but the idea was repaid. In the whole cluster nobody from that day jibbed, bowing to the empire. That is why at the senior navigator fingers shivered. – Don't worry, Quade, you will directly not participate in a sortie. Even you won't get out of the chair, – the girl soothingly said. – Yours da Dang lips to bite, мэм, – the man frowned. – These drugs nevertheless are more useful, than stay in one system with imperial special troops. – Hey! – I straightened out it KIA. – Not to part panic onboard. Continue to land us on the backyard to these children. Isimura left navigatorsky and went along the corridor to the captain's bridge. Passing weapon, she heard some unclear sounds behind a steel door. Having ticked a combination of opening of the lock, the senior assistant to the captain entered the room and beheld the most interesting disposition. The staff sergeant Epouk stood near a table, having lowered trousers, and before him, turned by a back, pulled hard on this table the impressive breast the junior navigator Kayri, too pulled together the lower part of a form to ankles. The black sergeant with quiet concentration drove the impressive phallus in a hole of the blond partner, forcing that to crawl on a smooth steel surface of a table and to groan voluptuously. Hands Epouk that there are forces squeezed the buttocks of the woman which are growing white before him and hummed enough, threshing the piston very much. Having put out outside a pink uvula, Kayri rolled up eyes, leaned against a table elbows to rise, and began to mass hands the bulked-up nipples. Their joint heavy breath could melt polar ice on the planet of the average size. At least, so it seemed to Isimure. Pulling the left eyebrow, it observed the weaved bodies covered then, black and white. And then terribly I bellowed: – To set aside! The sergeant hasty started back from the woman who reflex shook to and fro once more and only then come back to the real world. As Kia seemed, the dick took off from a navigatorsha actually with frightened hlyupy. The black fornicator tried to be extended on a rack "quietly", but it was prevented by that circumstance that trousers him prevented to connect heels of legs, and still not fallen down dick stared a head towards the commander. Kayri became straight, straightening out a uniform shirt and wrapping up a single-breasted coat, but the bottom besides gave it. – You what you do?! – terribly I inspected both Isimur. – First, both have to be on a post! Secondly, it is a non-statutory relationship during performance of a task! Thirdly, you are engaged in it in weapon! As soon as we leave the planet, I expect a detailed report about the incident from both of you! For now – run in places! – Yes sir!!! – they banged. KIA with the indignant look left weapon. – EDS that now, and? – plaintively I squeaked Kayri. – Be not afraid, the babe, everything will be in the way, – the sergeant uspokaivayushchepolozhit a hand to her on a breast. – Will have done with the youthful follies and will forget. Isimura the known reptile, but easily appeased, – he hemmed. – To her good ебаря … KIA wide steps moved meanwhile along the corridor. Extremely indignant of behavior of subordinates, she distracted from disturbing thoughts of the possible opponent for some time. Epouk and Kayri showed the extreme irresponsibility adjoining on sloppiness. And irresponsibility Isimura hated. Brought up in family of hereditary military, the girl was strict to herself and the world around since small years. Even she had sex so as if she ran a hundred-meter race for a while. Probably, therefore I didn't derive any pleasure. In one of those three times in twenty three years. Hour later. "SSU Arktur", using a stealth system to the full extent, Orpheus-three landed on the planet. According to indications of devices, nobody carries out detection attempt. Means, there was a hope for that. That they slipped unnoticed. The group of intelligence agents was equipped at way and moved forward towards an estimated location of the camp of imperets. The small triple all-terrain vehicle incurred them on the northwest.