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She squeezed hands the magnificent hemispheres which embraced a dick and began to jerk off them up-down, groaning from delight. The dick disappeared between two hemispheres, and the blonde moaned from pleasure. "Da-a-a-a-a," zamurchala she. Her eyes were rolled up. "To me that-a-ak it is good". Large horney nipples vertically puffed up on her breast. "Da-a-a-a, fuck my big boobs" — she stretched by a chest voice, looking directly in eyes. "The whore, is the best dick in the world". She shuddered from the intensive wave of pleasure which swept on all body and stronger squeezed the boobies. Soft flesh so densely squeezed a dick as as if he fucked her in one of her lewd holes. The lilac head of the dick appeared and disappeared in a depression in the ground of suntanned skin. She inclined the head and put out language to sliznut the droplet which seemed on a tip of the dick. Mmm — she moaned, "Allow me to take care o you, the sir "With heat she captured lips a head, caressing her language. The pleasure was so strong that she closed eyes. Movements accelerated. Boobs rushed about along the dick up-down. She pulled in cheeks to drain in a head as it is possible more deeply. Suddenly she cast away the head and opened eyes: "Fuck me, the sir! Fuck my whorish boobs! A-a-a-a-a!!" she shouted, not in forces to restrain when the next wave of pleasure swept on a backbone. "I cum da-a-a-a! I cum! A dick between boobs! Fuck my milkings! My melons, mine" I moaned and terminated. My head leaned back back, an of a leg strained. My dick as a geyser let out one hot and sticky stream for another directly on the amazing blonde before me on the computer screen. I splashed with a cum all table and leaned back on a chair back. Na several seconds my small dark office plunged silence. At last I with noise exhaled. Lines I quickly led round a look the empty room, then grabbed a box of napkins from edge of a table and began to wipe quickly a cum from the scratched shabby surface. In a moment of o occurred I reminded only easy, hardly noticeable smell. You shouldn't do it, I told myself, removing a dick back in trousers. Look, but don't touch. It is your work. I sighed. How did I get to such situation? Probably, many guys will envy me. In the end of the ends how many people earn by the fact that they watch a porn? No if someone-nibud asks me (that is improbable) and if I honestly answer (that I wouldn't begin to do) It is a sediment. I can't speak to people, than I am engaged therefore that little girls will think that I am a pervert, guys will ask a whether I fucked with pornozvyozdami. Certainly, no. The second lack of my work, besides the fact that I would be called the pervert was that I am constantly surrounded by extremely sexy women who the second time is never looked at me. My work is called "control of quality". Honest word! In some pornostudiyakh there is even it. I watch video and I allow studio a starting signal to release movies in a deep dark hole, there is an Internet. I have to look for different small mistakes which can "break a high" to the viewer. In a scene the shadow of the operator is visible? It is heard how the director whispers teams to actors? The tip of one of microphones slipped in several frames when the sound producer bent closer to catch each groan and a sigh? Honestly speaking, I am not sure that it can have kakoye-to value for those someone look. No Teragon Regional And National Corporation for Entertainment, Inc. — my chief always forces me to use the full name that kills me — were those still perfectionists. I think that which-to of a management goes crazy from the fact that their products all are considered a standard and unconditionally soils all competitors on number of viewings in network.Having shaken the head, I stared at the image on the screen. Ember the blonde with a body of the goddess of love and a shrill look of blue eyes. Only that her magnificent melons brought to an orgasm me and that lucky who was removed by the cam. What it gorgeous So groan I clicked with a mouse and closed the file which only that saw till the end, and switched in mail. I wrote the letter with the short report for the head "Excellent work as usually! Any problems! — Chance!" also I pressed the Send button, then I closed a face hands. I use too many exclamatory signs in electronic letters. Probably, so I try to convince subconsciously myself that I like to work here. I heaved a deep sigh. Lines, I thought again. We look further. I clicked the following file. It was the short clip by one of our new actresses — the little red-haired beauty on a name Daisy — in which she tempted and fucked one of our stars, Trey Wood. Trey is rather quite good, I thought, focusing on picture details. Sometimes I am on the film-making platform, helping directors to correct and make a copy of small clips, and Trey is grateful once set me a fist to a shoulder when I suggested the operator to remove under other corner that his dick looked several inches more. "Thanks, dude" — he told with a smile, before than to enter the bedroom and otzharit all holes what-to magnificent brunette with a big breast. We will return to video I thought, being focused at the work. "You my small lewd eblivaya whore?" Trey asked, and didn't escape my look as Daisy floated, her dark eyes lit up lust. "Yes, sir" — she murmured, biting a lip and having stared at him the burning eyes. "I am your whore. Do so by me everything that you will wish" Suddenly my finger struck with itself a gap, having stopped viewing of video. Wait a moment, I thought, feeling sharp feeling of a deja vu. I already heard this dialogue. * * * I exhaled and leaned back on a bed back, the screen of my laptop softly shone in darkness to the bedroom. "Ne can be" — I quietly murmured. No, lines take, I was already sure that it didn't seem to me. In the next ten hours I attentively watched tens of videos TRANCE, Inc. Having finished at work, I returned home and flopped on a bed with a package of chips and a heap of a porn. For the first time, however, I didn't feel the slightest desire to masturbate. I was too concentrated on finding proofs of my impossible theory. "There can't be it, the truth?" I spoke to myself. However what-to small, but importunate part of my brain didn't agree with it. I closed eyes, the clip behind the clip were scrolled in the head. In the script of each video of the company TRANCE, Inc. at what-to moment the man set a question: "You my small lewd eblivaya whore?" Usually it occurred at the beginning. Sometimes it was enclosed in other dialogue. No each time how this phrase sounded, the woman on the screen answered: "Yes, sir. I am your whore. Do so by me everything that you will wish ". And then video became much hotter. Whatever was the role of the woman at the beginning — the vigorous lawyer, the sexy nurse, the angry school teacher — she ​​ turned into the obedient bitch whose only purpose was to bring pleasure to "sir". Women with enthusiasm and obvious pleasure I submitted to any orders of men. It that-to like a key phrase, continued to itch at me in the head. In what-to way put it in TRANCE in consciousness pornozvezd, and they use it by production of video. I knew that I descend from mind from these thoughts. No I also knew that I was going to make * * * a Quarter of hour I waited at the make-up room Ember while she finished the last scene on today. At last, her partner "shot" on her fine breast, then they warmly embraced and left. The delightful blonde went directly to the "razdevatelnuyu" room, as ee the actor, in escort of the director playfully called, to which her that-to explained and advised. The director spoke, Ember nodded, and, it seemed, it will never end. At last, the director ceremoniously shook her a hand and released the girl. The door to the make-up room slammed. There passed fifteen more minutes. I was burned with impatience. What can the woman so long do? I pretended that I work on the laptop, holding it in hands and tapping on the keyboard each several minutes, business looking back on the parties — I very much didn't want that which-to of studio saw me here. At last the door opened, and Ember left the make-up room. Na it were all those shoes on a very tall heel in which she acted, but thus she was dressed in quite conservative red dress which more than half hid her magnificent bust, an a skirt was almost to a knee. That not mnee even with such skirt her slender suntanned legs on a high heel seemed infinitely long. Our views met. Ember unnaturally I smiled. She as if said: I know what you conceived, and it won't work. I deeply sighed and approached her. Heart nearly jumped out of a breast. It slowed down a step, but didn't stop when I approached her. "Hi" — I murmured disobedient language. "You Ember, truly? "— I tried to smile friendly, but, I suspect, my person warped in what-to inexpressible grimace. It stopped and inspected me from legs to the head. "Yes, it I", she answered. Her voice in real life was such deep and velvety, making horney and exciting imagination, as in those uncountable films which I watched. Blood immediately directed from a head brain down. "I from department of work with clients" — I told and vaguely I waved along a corridor in the direction opposite to my office. My God, my brain thought. You are such fool. At you nothing will turn out. Just finish it and run! "Ne you could answer one question o of your videos?" .devushka interrogatively I bent an ideal eyebrow and defiantly I thought. Then she put hands under the massive boobs and shook shoulders. "Of course, ask" Everything goes according to the plan. Ne mess up. The smile froze to my person, and I hardly squeezed out from myself: "You small lewd eblivaya whore?" Thunderous silence. I waited. Ember stiffened. I swear, I didn't breathe until she died off. Eyes of the woman extended, the look of icy blue eyes pierced me through. Then she stirred up the head. "What you only what told?!" Blue eyes flashed anger, ee fine full lips threateningly contracted. I stood as the deer who jumped out on the night road. especially for Then what-to mad part me made the most stupid mistake: to try still time. Ne-e-et!! My mind tried to grasp words, before than they will fly away, but my language already repeated a question. "You small lewd eblivaya whore?" A cudgel, I kicked myself inside, the idiot! What place you thought! Hlobys — unexpectedly firm and strong palm so all scope gave to me tasty slap in the face from which in the head rang out and all thoughts were gone. "I want that you knew" — from angry intonation of her voice I was captured by the sharp attack of confusion and shame sharply based on fear. "That I am very dear actress and the feminist. And if you start talking so me again, I will consider it harassment and to work respectively." Ember resolutely went away along a corridor. From ringing clatter of heels at me rustled in the head. However, nesmotrya on pain of slap in the face and moral sufferings from a deafening failure when my sight cleared up, my look was literally pasted to gracefully rocking roundish hemispheres of her bum.