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Girls by that time began to show nervousness, they lacked a dose, and they went for all tricks to catch contact with the Key keeper. Katya, for example — the very young girl with a black tyulpanchikom of hair on the head — suffered extremely. She went for me as a tail, I was on duty under an entrance. I couldn't banish her therefore that the pity overflowed heart. The poor thing of o didn't guess anything, falling into withdrawal pains. It seemed to her that she will be left just about and life will break. Then she clung to me stronger. Blondie Yulya included a charm. In days of hunting as they were cheerfully called by Müller, she dressed up in the most revealing dresses. Stockings changed color from corporal to black, white and even red. There were networks, arrows, podvyazochki. rombikov on stockings I became larger than a cell, elastic bands began to slip, looking out from under a short skirt. Flattened her on-strashnomu, the decollete became more deeply, more widely, hairpins higher, byustiki is more impudent, brighter. No main her gestures and views became more dissolutely, the gait gave the whore walking on a hundred-meter race in expectation of the client more and more. The rebellious pride look broke at a type of the Owner, she as also Katya, looked for casual meetings after work, on days off. In the end of month my dick almost didn't get out of five vaginas of Zlaty, Katya, Yulya, Lena and Olya. They were jealous me to each other and especially of Angela, and only the tough rule — to live amicably — forced them to go on a compromise, to make the schedule of watches, to look for optimum options of joint pastime. I learned to fuck them, without cuming, passing on two-three for time. No more than an hour I didn't maintain. Balls hurt, the erection became sluggish. At this moment I lost patience and expelled insatiable bitches for a door. Weak character and compassion always distinguished me from peers. After a lunch the hungry feral whores who became like cattle to a complete sexual outrage - slaves came back, and everything repeated. My drug didn't affect Angela. As I tried, she remained indifferent to any contact with the Ring. "How then drug worked on the slave Homicha to Lyudochk Lyudoyedkin?" — I suffered a question. However, because of full lack of sex in life, the sergeant of militia could be bulged also from someone else's drug, and even without it. Except that, I came to a conclusion that to Gold switched in day of Test from Müller to me. Presence of contacts at the Armenian didn't cause doubts. Studying of properties of the Ring reminded solving of a puzzle more and more. I everything only wanted to switch A the big girl, to release her. Then I didn't know yet how Release works. stories erotic *** In the Temple of Seven Keys final. The ritual of Release takes place under the female opera soprano flowing from the columns hidden somewhere under curtains. Graduates, yesterday's sex - workers, were built in a row opposite to the Altar. The bowl of Knowledge is installed on the eminence. — Today we give a tribute to the Past — Supreme the Priest grandiosely announces. — To concede Budushchemu Road. The mad person in a black raincoat, a hat and a mask a crow carries out by a long beak on the hall, before by what to continue: — The person can't live eternally. In it his main shortcoming. Yes, it is mortal. No death — is release. In his hands the Staff — the symbol of men's advantage which is cut out from a red tree. Colourful extreme flesh crowns with the size about apple the end of the staff decorated with veins and streaks. The priest sends a horse head to the party of the girls standing on knees almost touching the face of the extreme concubine. — Na change to old generation new comes. As times of year replace the friend's friend, so and we find rest, going to a non-existence.He showers a nose to a glass dome, uplifts hands, shaking the Staff in air. The theatrical voice of the Priest falls to an ominous bass: — Let your Bowl always it will be full! Start up Knowledge till the end of your days napityvayet your Vases to edges! Yes the Meaning of life of yours will be executed eyes. Amen! He gesture invites the first girl to pass to the Bowl. The curly-headed brunette dejectedly goes to the Altar. The yesterday's freshness of forms withered, having conceded to wear of time, five years didn't pass in sexual slavery by, left the press not only on a body, but and in soul. Memory of o chaotic intimate relationships on all life eats in consciousness of the slave as offenses of rough youth. How many they were? Thousands, tens of thousands? Guys are young, men postarshe, moustached men with beer tummies, healthy factory, dried up university, professors - intelligentishki, a demon - in-rebro old men - razboynichki — all and not to consider. Perverts — such too a dime a dozen. All found in her a consolation, realized imagination. To that can't be tried from normal, not zombie, not demanding more, is more than tin, for the invisible Key keeper, the puppeteer - the villain who corrected a doll to look for adventures, all it it is possible to test with krezanutoy BDSM - shchitsey, the girl on coercion, obey-or-die. — In five years the Slave becomes indifferent to intim — the philosopher Posner demonstrates. — For her it is the work demanding efforts, a boring, boring routine. Therefore with her break off the contract, release in free swimming with baggage of shameful experience which a purulent scar will drag on on mentality of the girl. Therefore that she exhausted a stock of vital forces. She as the dried-up butterfly — still waves convulsively wings, but can't fly any more. The curly-headed butterfly climbs up the Altar, hangs a bottom over the Bowl. At a brown lamb the beautiful vagina darned cross-wise, a lock has a form of a ruby heart, the sharp driven buttocks are similar to the turned love symbol too. The red swelled sphincter of the girl extends, breathes as the unsteady pink bog laying egg. The dense stream of nacreous clots directs in the Bowl.