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And from the childhood his parents decided that it is impossible for Ilya in army. Usually guys become men in army. No Ilya as it seemed to his parents, yes and to him, skoree everything waited absolutely for another. It seemed to Ilya that he if returns from army, then will return skoree "girl", than the real man if in general returns. In the general, otkosiv from army, Ilya having finished studies I was engaged in affairs in family business. Ilya's father was rich and therefore put him to direct one of branches of the enterprise. Soon after the university and the beginning of work in the head of one of branches of the father Ilya married the girl of the dream. Na Aline. Alina was a blonde, no, not in this sense of a word. As time in this sense of a word she was very clever and bright. She chose Ilya only because of the fact that that I was from rich family. On the contrary Alina grew up in poor family. Alina was low growth, but very elegant and sporty girl with the tightened buttocks and the third size of a breast. Ilya was the sickly and thin fellow to whom good luck so smiled to catch, such, the beauty. They lived in expensive area in the big and equipped apartment of Ilyyusha presented to them by the father. especially for vbabe.mobiistoriya which I want to you I began to tell with that as one spring in the evening Ilya returned home. Having come he heard loud music under which his darling was always engaged in sport. Having passed a little forward Ilya, legonka, I opened a door to the hall. He equipped the hall specially for Alina, so as itself I didn't train. Ne loved sport. In the special room there were all types of exercise machines. At this moment of Alyn was engaged on a running path. Ilya approached the musical center and switched off music. Alina turned back: — A you — she having told I pressed the button and stopped the exercise machine. And having gone down I recovered the breath: — long ago houses? — No — Ilya answered. — Only I came. — I in a shower — Alina told and having given smacking kiss to the husband on a cheek left. — "What it was delightful" — Ilya thought. Even all sweaty it radiated only sweet aroma. And it wanted ee. Always I wanted. — Cover on a table lovely — she threw following and left to bathe. When Alina left, Ilya already covered at a table. They have supper. Alina sat very quietly. It seemed to Ilya that she longs. A when tried to ask her in what business, Alina just got up and left because of a table. Ilya followed for her and found ee to the room for their future children. Alina sat on a carpet, holding in hands of a toy, fluffy, soft bear. Ilya got up on knees and slightly opened ee the person having removed ee light hair. — What is with you the babe? — he asked. — Ne I know how to tell. And whether in general costs can simply — Well what happened? Speak, the baby. — Everything was drawn by Ilya. And in Alyn's result I gave up. — I I am pregnant with Ilyyusha — Alina as as if with work having squeezed out from myself these words lowered the head. — What? — Joyfully Ilya exclaimed. — You are pregnant? It is fine. — Ilya — again with work having squeezed out from itself a word behind a word Alina continued. — We need to make abortion. Ilya didn't understand in what the problem consists. He took the darling for a hand and stroked ee for a stomach. — Native, why? I want the child. It is sure and you want. — Ilya you don't understand — What I don't understand? — Ilya really didn't understand. He had everything. The child will grow in rich and successful family. — What is with you the darling? Why you — No Ilya didn't finish a phrase, he was interrupted by Alina: — I don't present you to roles of the father. Ilya the father of my child has to be the real man. Which, is ready to stand for itself(himself). A you A you wasn't even in army. Otkosil as — Alina became silent without having continued and having got up went to an exit from the children's room. — How someone? — Ilya threw her following. Alina stopped at doors and turned back.— How woman? — Ilya continued. — Do you consider that if I wasn't in army I mean not the man? — Ilya will be enough I just told that dumayuilya having got up approached her and embraced ee: — Alinochka, my native We will cope. It is necessary to leave the child.