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I don't know someone was a winner. In reality, it would be possible to tell that it was I, and on the business I it was. And though the orgasm was pleasant, it was everything that else remained in me. I seriously doubt what eyakulyata was enough that at least one of them could experience to it disgust. In any case, I was too tired to worry about it. Everything that I knew, is that they, in the end of the ends, left, and I fell asleep at once again and didn't even find time to try to get up till late evening. When I, at last, woke up, o the fact that it happened last night became agitated and began to worry at once. It isn't enough of fact that I deprived of virginity the daughter of my neighbor though originally and I didn't know it, but under any circumstances it not so would be easy to be explained. A then, of course, Jill. I fucked and sucked also both ee of daughters and if it learns that I made it too, I felt that our relationship will quickly and suddenly end. To me it was remembered by o ee own courageous offer to stick with it a relationship, such as with Pete, but though she, probably, also became interested in me, an opportunity to understand how mother in these circumstances will react to me wasn't simple. — Shit! — I exclaimed, going to the bathroom. And, having stared at a toilet bowl seat, to me the madness of evening was again remembered. I didn't even begin to lift a cover. I spent the rest of day behind viewing of TV and in general trying to sit out in some way. I didn't see one of three girls, and in this occasion I had mixed emotions. From one party, of course, I was glad that I hadn't to meet the person to the person one of girls. I wasn't sure that I was rather ready to it as and how they could react now when at all we were time to think o what occurred. From other party, I was also concerned by the fact that I didn't hear one of them. It is possible even that now they admitted all that, is unimportant for what reason, we made. So that, I half expected that Jill, Pete, an is possible even both, now will angrily be knocked at a door. And here I jumped up. Kto-to knocked (on this time I locked a door), but it was not the evil or persistent knock. No on an extreme measure, it was though that-to. I knew that had to look shit, I didn't even find time to take a shower. I felt a smell from myself and understood that I decently stink. As I will only get rid of the one someone stood at a door, I will immediately run upward and I will take a shower. Also I felt an easy smell of what-to else. Weak traces of spirits which were on girls mixed up with a heap of other erotic steady smells over themselves. This shower definitely was required for me. I opened a door, looked out and saw Jill standing there. On an extreme measure, she smiled. — Ne saw you all day! — she said, a then stronger opened a door, and almost rushed inside, bearing with itself the Chinese package full of the various well smelling dishes. — I always prepare too much — she told, putting a big package on a kitchen table, a then lifted a bottle of good wine which I till this time didn't see. Only then she turned ko to me the person and saw that I look quite carelessly, and even clamped a nose defiantly to tell me that also I badly smell. — the Lunch will be only how you will accept a shower — she categorically said. I wasn't going to argue with her on this question, but also and wasn't too glad to see ee here. On an extreme measure, it didn't tear off to me the head. It was what I was afraid of. No feeling that at me options just ended, I turned and at once went upward to take so necessary shower. The burning stream of hot water was felt as my skin very pleasantly. After addition of sufficient amount of soap, I felt myself almost the person again. Though spent considerable time in soul, I didn't doubt that Jill everything will wait for me still. We often spent together evenings behind a dinner, so that, of course, in it there was nothing unusual, and the Chinese dishes sounded very well. My stomach began to hum already in advance, so as I realized that I didn't eat anything to the current of all day. Having left a shower and being wiped by a towel, my nostrils filled the strong teasing aromas of the Chinese food. Having wound with a towel, I went to the bedroom. Of course, Jill was there, on a bed the big tray with delicacies and two glasses of wine was located. Several candles — the only source of lighting in the room were also lit, a naked Jill lay on a bed, touching an egg roll when I entered. — I Am hungry? — she asked. No I had an accurate impression that she offered for dinner more than, than go. — I Am hungry — I answered, but at once I understood that, possibly, it was not the best answer which I had to her give. I honestly had food in a look, but she, lying naked, obviously, apprehended it so as she initially prompted to me. She stroked the hand the place on a bed, showing that I approached, sat down and joined her. Even o removal of a towel to try to put on, for this moment can't be and speeches. As only I will make it, it will be that most that to accept ee the invitation to join it. Holding a towel, I approached a bed and took one of egg rolls; they smelled surprisingly tasty. — A as about Pete? — I asked so unconditionally as far as it is possible. All still trying to pretend that I don't turn too a lot of attention to ee the looking boobies naked erotically. — Really he won't be surprised why we didn't invite to a dinner and him? — I everything still tried to think up an easy exit from all it, but at the real moment I didn't manage to achieve success in search of the decision. My dick helped a little too, so as already I began to strain with interest, and it was one more reason for which I quickly sat down on a bed with her nearby. In several minutes he will already lift a towel. In Jill's eyes there was a lewd naughty expression when she sat, looking at me. — If you want, I, of course, can call it and invite. I already said to you that according to it he can be interested making that-to in similar. No I thought that for the first time you can prefer to be so me alone at "meeting" between us, before that how to include Pete. No if you prefer? — She stretched a hand to a bedside table to take the call when I stopped ee. — the Gill isn't present wait! — quickly I shot. She turned, having left phone at rest, and began to wait. — Can be, it is more best to us to talk in the first turn about it. The last that I want to make, it to complicate a situation, to destroy our friendship or to cause what-libo problems between you, me and Pete. And I told everything. I managed to lay out all my cares, fears and fears on a table. Can be, she will stop too and will think of everything. — O, an I think that we already "passed" by it, smiling, Jill said, but it was cunningly-ozornaya the smile, and I understood that she what-to means. — Girls told me, kakoe they spent wonderful time with you last night — she carefree told. In ee tone there was no sharpness or a hint on anger, in any case, it was obviously horney when she shared this information. — They that? — I faltered. — Ne worry. I, of course, am not angry with it. Can be, slightly I envy, but in any case I am not angry. Twins are rather adult to solve with someone to them to sleep, and the fact that they managed to reach you the first — is unsurprising. I so also thought when last night they slipped out the house. The devil, I nearly got up and didn't go with them! — she hemmed. She mentioned nothing Andrea. Mozhetbyt, and girls didn't mention too, but I wasn't going to lift this subject. I was already overstrung from uncertainty in this new development of events.— The only thing that is capable to anger me — she continued — if I am not able to have a good time a little with you. Naturally, now it would be not very fair, whether so? — Gil stretched a hand, put ee on a towel and began to pull down him from me. I even rose a little from a bed that it slipped out from under me without need to pull it. Whatever problems I had earlier, they remained in the past. Also I definitely didn't feel myself caught in a trap. Jill was extremely attractive woman. I didn't drive to her earlier only because of the fact that managed to notice communication between her and Pete. All it suddenly changed, behind an exception, probably, one small detail. — A as about twins? — I began to doubt. — O they know that I here. Even told that I told you as well they spent time last night and that they look forward that in the next time to make it again. Told that I have a good time, a later when I return home, I told them about it. I breathed a sigh of relief. On an extreme measure, any complications. I didn't want to be involved because of it also in kakoye-nibud inconvenient opposition with girls. — What concerns Andrea I don't think that this my business to say that-nibud to Pete. Even I didn't know that she — all still the virgin until girls told me that they deception forced you ee to deflower. And in any case, Andreja is a woman now. To that she decides to discuss so the father — it ee put, not my a. "Well, it is already enough much" — I thought about myself. The feeling of a hand of Jill on my dick prompted that the dinner, probably, should be warmed. The heat between ee legs said to me that instead of it I will have dinner there, and soon!. Jill was on twenty, probably, twenty five years are more senior than twins, but not more. And I probably for the first time turned on this attention, so as now I represented how girls at age of their mother will look. Jill was a sensual woman. Probably, for the last years she gained several excess kilograms, but again, whether so as also all we? The gill, seemed, radiated the sensuality, a maturity which came with age and experience and though twins, undoubtedly, were fascinating in the enthusiasm and youth was that-to it in the woman who knew that she is ready to do and what wants from the man. And Jill was ideal under this description. I turned over, stretched and grabbed one of ee of incredibly looking boobs. Still time to me briefly was reminded that twins can mature so as their mother. Whatever beautiful and strong was their young breast, to caress and kiss a breast of their mother feeding them with her was for me much more stimulating and erotic. Jill put a hand to me on the head and carried out by fingers on my hair, in that time as I sucked ee hard firm nipples. Probably, a thin, simple thing, but it confirmed my self-satisfied point of sight. Experience and understanding that sometimes affairs go slowly and smoothly and I enjoy this moment, brought me much more pleasure, than hasty madness which I felt with girls yesterday in the evening. Though it is normal too. Everything was to the place and time. And I definitely enjoyed. No this gentle touch, obvious unexpressed confirmation that Jill enjoys what I with her do, having just put the hand on my head, was what wasn't enough for me when I did it with girls yesterday in the evening. And I felt that quickly I become even more horney and I look forward to this experience with Jill more, than could imagine. I very long was engaged in love with ee boobies, alternating between them. When I kissed and sometimes sucked one, clicking ee incredibly thick nipples fleeting lungs peryshkovymi touches of language, a then suddenly putting blow with rigid clicks, I at the same time caressed and caressed other breast. Moving forward and back, I continued to feast, erotic visions were danced in my head, my dick beat almost painfully, with lewd requirement and desire.— Go ko to me — she whispered, directing me between ee legs up, attracting me to itself, and revealing. — I want to tickle the clitoris your dick. Having left the erection in ee to a hand, I got up on knees before ee widely open pussy. She took me and began to stroke the head of my dick poured by blood the wet open crack. The feeling of ee of silkiness was similar to douche of a tip of my dick warm oil. Having taken my penis, she slowly and okh as teasing, attracted me up and down, without hurrying, leading round around and quickly rubbing my dick in the own blown-up small piece of supersensitive flesh. Then, having concealed breath, she repeated the procedure with sluggishness which is almost reducing from mind again, constantly bringing me, so as also itself, to the edge, a then doing a pause until pleasure waves fall to controlled level again. Having released hands, I fell by knees over her, teasing nipple ee almost so as she teased the clitoris with my dick. Twisting of ee of nipples, sometimes pandiculation their or their gentle tightening to coincide with those erotic feelings which it forced each of us to feel and feel. No to see ee the person, to look at various expressions which, I saw and I imprinted and which constantly changed on a measure of that as each feeling was felt, reached and investigated, was as excitingly as also these feelings. Chto-to similar to how to watch the woman who on the truth enjoys herself, without hesitating, allowing the vulnerability to show the emotions. Seeing it, watching Jill now as it was done by me, increased own pleasure by ten times, and strengthened desire and requirement out of my most courageous imagination. Juice between us became slippery and siropoobraznymi, as on volume, so and on texture. Having mixed up the friend with the friend, my dick began to exude as as if it was ready to be cast out at any moment which almost already came several time. The pussy Gil was greased with own juice in such quantity that moisture filtered from her the tiny streamlets from thin creamy streams which were flowing down on crack ee up to an opening in a bottom and on a sheet under us. I fought against "moment", restrained, wishing not to terminate too early, but quickly lost positions. Each time when I thought that I cum, Jill as if felt it, stopped, doing rather long pause, before by what to continue to allow me several seconds to gather and to anew find the forces. No now Jill was not in a state a lot of things to make, each tiny delay led to a bigger, higher level of pleasure until we both got up at edge propastibez preventions she took me a hand, inserted and nestled ko to me. My dick quickly and easily slipped in her, having become covered by ognenno-bely feeling which captured me and caressed my dick beyond limits of ability to resist. I terminated with impetuous passion. The stream of my cum filled ee a vagina, bathed ee in my juice and served as ignition for ee own deep orgazmamy both groaned in a unison, my hands still clasped ee a breast, sticking into her, in that time as I streamed a long only long stream in the pizda which squeezed me to a vice a spasm He kept me in similar there and milked dry each delightful precious drop of a cum which I had and which I possessed onadazhe later long time now, having failed on her, a now quietly being rubbed by a nose and kissing ee a neck, I everything still felt how ee pizda contracts around me as if kissing me in what-to special way, as also I kissed ee on that time. It was the weakest of feelings as fragile heart which, I felt rhythmically extended and clenched, pochtinezhno, rasslablyayushche, sensually. — we Argue, twins so didn't fuck you? — with confidence she told. "akh given by whisper!" I was my only answer. No it was the answer for which she hoped and which I expected. Nothing could give to this exclamation of pure and full satisfaction *** Soon any more days returned to more normal routine. My fears and concerns in an occasion of the arising complications quickly evaporated. Twins everything still flirted, teased and conducted themselves so as always. Jill everything still spent time with Pete, a sometimes and so me, and often we gathered three together behind drinks or lunches though all didn't venture yet to go on that way of a research which some time was offered by Jill ago. Even Andreja didn't conduct herself so me somehow in a different way now. And I was very glad to it. The fact that I took ee virginity wasn't considered so as if between us was that-to "over" that friendship which we enjoyed earlier. And though that evening there was no repetition, everything was not so as if it was expected or had to occurred or to repeat. I was rather sure that Pete about it was told nothing either his daughter, or Jill, nor, skoree everything, twins, otherwise I would feel that he though that-to I already heard about it. I liked the days and nights spent with Jill, and life turned into an easy routine. I think, even too a routine, especially, what concerns twins. Soon there came the rare three-day week-end, and twins persuaded mother to make together something special. And they meant by the word "together" in that number both Pete, and Andrea, and me. It didn't demand special efforts, all had a spring fever, and all wanted what-to to make. It was decided that the next three days we will carry out everything together on the nature. At discussion of conditions of accommodation, we decided that we will have two enough big by the tent size, one — for adults and one — for three young "women". It is necessary to recognize, interested me whether it was though partially Jill's idea as from that first time we didn't discuss a possibility of creation of the three between Pete, Jill and me yet. And though I don't think that it was a part of the plan, I believe that later not only I thought of it. Didn't allow to sleep together in such tent under these circumstances to us three privacy.