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I took off from a hanger the fitting t-shirt with the ridiculous drawing and a skirt hand bell, is slightly shorter than knees and, having put on and having grabbed a handbag with notebooks, went to the street. I had a great mood, hardly notable streams of warm air caressed my legs, and, going down in the subway, I thought only of a huge portion of ice cream with cinnamon. In a player the fervent voice of MyleneFarmer sounded, and silently echoing it, I squeezed into the filled subway car. The crowd of the people who went mad from a heat just pressed me a back in the young man in a polo-neck who as it is very much nestled on opposite doors. Somehow I turned the head and apologized – to the poor creature it was even difficult for it to breathe likely. And the train started. Suddenly my dreams of ice cream were interrupted by strange feeling. Someone got into the knickers a hand of me and touched my bottom. I turned back and stared at the guy standing behind me. But he with absolutely serious face looked somewhere aside, and, appear, thought of something special. I decided that everything seemed to me, and tried to put thoughts in order. But literally through couple of moments the hand laid down to me on a bottom again and began to stroke my rolls. The first thought was to depart, but far from it, and to apple there was no place to fall in the car. And here the second thought appeared – as this hand gently moves! I turned back again, but my involuntary neighbor still looked over the heads somewhere, and his absent look didn't change at all. No, well it's really too much, I solved and I addressed: - Forgive … The young man translated a view of me and waiting was silent. - It you … there … below …, - Suitable words well didn't go to me to the head in any way. - What? – His puzzled look obviously confused me. I apologized and turned away again. And the restless hand shamelessly continued to caress my buttocks. One finger climbed under a thread of thongs and took it aside, and the others approached closer a hole. My organism, without thinking of relevance, right there I reacted – the chink was humidified, and butterflies began to spin in mad dancing somewhere in the bottom of a stomach. And suddenly something absolutely another touched my buttocks – not just a hand, and a hot intense dick! It rubbed about my buttocks, and I feverishly tried to think what is it in general occurs, and tried to distract herself from quite logical thoughts of a firm dick in me. Around was to so many people, and anyone could notice us, and … Suddenly everything stopped also suddenly, as well as began. I found out that I passed two excess stations, only when car doors to which the guy standing behind me was pressed opened. The people began to leave on Kitay-gorod, and my mysterious neighbor right there disappeared in crowd, and I trudged on the train to the opposite side. I hopelessly was late for a lecture, and pictures as from pornofilms were always on the mind only. I badly remember how I reached to institute. But the lecture which began shortly before my arrival returned me to this world where even such terrible things as personnel logistics and SWOT analysis have the right for life. I came back home early enough, quickly I threw off clothes, took a cool shower. And when I hung up a skirt on a hanger, in a pocket I found the handbill of some just dug out cafe, and on her with edge was written by bold clear hand: "In the subway and not it happens. 8-903-XXX-XX-XX." Flat-out I fell by a bed, and the hand itself stretched to panties which obviously seemed to me superfluous. Having caressed itself a little, I grabbed the vibrator hidden in a bedside table, and having included on the minimum speed, put it to a clitoris. Almost silent, he extended pleasant waves on my body, and excitement quickly reached apogee. If I in such state appeared that morning in the car, I precisely, despite of risk to be noticed the dick of this impudent person would send herself to a vagina. Having blissfully covered eyes and having stretched legs, I entered the vibrator so deeply until he rested against a firm uterus, and periodically changing vibration speed, brought myself to an orgasm, the first for this day. Having waited for several minutes, I continued to caress a clitoris and an entrance to an anus, drove the vibrator and again removed it. Also I thought of what could be, it appear we with this mysterious young man in car one. The imagination willingly created the most dissolute pictures, the vagina without restraint pulsed in the next orgasm, and hands continued to finger a clitoris and to work with the vibrator. After a while forces absolutely abandoned me, and I dozed off, without taking out the switched-off vibrator... Before the end of the week and all days off I periodically remembered this episode, and even thought once whether not to call number from the leaflet. But I didn't decide. And at the beginning of the next week I didn't sustain. I stayed at home nearly an hour behind a desk, stared at the leaflet, and all got up courage to call. As a result I wrote sms: "And what else happens in the subway?" And right there the answer came: "Tomorrow at 14:42, the metro station Babushkinskaya, you will get into the fourth car Medvedkovo aside". I at once answered short "ok" not to manage to be frightened and refuse a meeting. At night I practically couldn't fall asleep. I was disturbed by thoughts that I will be mistaken with train. Suddenly it will go not exactly at 14-42, or my hours will be not really exact. Or the one someone for about a week appears in my imaginations won't come … Or on the contrary, he will come. I didn't know what I was afraid more of. Next day at half past two I already was at the station. I looked in advance where the fourth car stops. And strictly at the appointed time the train approached the platform. I saw my acquaintance at once. Today on him there was a gray t-shirt and something like the extended shorts hiding knees. I sat down opposite and fixed the eyes on his face. And he in the favourite manner looked somewhere aside as though he in general there is nothing. The train stopped on final, the people went out of the car, there were only we. My mysterious acquaintance translated a view of me and fixedly looked to me in the face until doors were closed and we didn't disappear in a tunnel. Only I was going to get up as light went out. Something like slight panic crept to me as suddenly I felt that he took me by hand and pulled. I got up and heard a low voice: "we have about 40 minutes". I felt as his gentle hands began to slide on my body, climbing under a topic and under a skirt, softly squeezed my boobies. I felt his easy breath on the neck and his firm dick pressed by clothes rested to me against a hip. Without wasting time, I groped a button and a lightning on his trousers, and having lowered a little pants released the nature standing a stake. I quickly fell on hunkers and having groped a head, inconsiderately took it lips and began to lick tenderly a soft uvula. Gradually I moved ahead below and below on a trunk, without forgetting to work a uvula, and he dipped hands to me into hair, and slightly directing my head, the beginnings is hardly heard to groan. In the dark all feelings are surprisingly sharply shown. I noticed that the head of his dick was velvety to the touch and very hot, and on a trunk veins very distinctly appeared and slightly pulsed. I heard his frequent breath and even blows of the heart. After a while he moaned slightly more loudly, but suddenly sharply lifted me, turned to himself a back and slightly pushed forward. I rested outstretched arms against a back of sitting and placed more widely than a leg. The sharp movement he lowered a little my panties, and a sound of the torn fabric prompted to me that I will already come back home without them. And right there to me what I so diligently just licked rested against buttocks. I strained, expecting painful penetration into an anal hole, but a dick slipped below, in a wet vagina, and began to slide to and fro at reckless speed. Strong hands squeezed my breast, and low moans sounded in the dark at the same time with slaps of his hips about my round buttocks. Each blow in me was given by the wave of pleasure rolled on all body, and all muscles of a body sharply clenched in a strong orgasm. The dick squeezed by a vagina too for a second stood and at once got nervous, lowering a cum in warm depth. Only we recovered the breath and put on ourselves clothes in order as the train started, light was switched on and soon we stopped opposite to the platform at the terminal station. In the car smelled of sex, the broken-off panties rolled near a seat, and I prayed that nobody entered this car. When doors opened, I a bullet jumped out on the platform, and went to an exit. My mysterious friend hurried to an exit too, periodically darting at me furtive looks. And I was afraid that somebody will notice the thin stream of a cum which is flowing down on inside of my hip and tried to go so that legs rubbed one about another, erasing traces of a small adventure.Emailavtora: