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I having not much broken, I agreed, will be more cheerful. We arrived to the place early in the morning, but in the neighbourhood there was already a tent and the car was parked, we broke our camp meters in 100 from them and went at once to fish. Especially what didn't peck and an hour later we returned to the camp to have breakfast. Having stopped eating I went down to reke, Nick's a laid down not far to sunbathe, was hot and it was dressed in one kupilnik. I lit and looked at the river, razdumavaya in what to be engaged because was hot and to catch especially sense wasn't, it was necessary to wait for evening. And here I see that to us go two what that the man. The wife lay having moved apart legs and having closed eyes, she didn't see them, but they noticed ee, one stuck with a finger and both began to laugh. They podoshchli are closer: — Well as catch? — Da we arrived not long ago, didn't catch yet what — da that especially what and not lovitsyaoni is sent closer and I made out them, one was called Shreds to him was about 50, bald, thick in an undershirt algokolichke and and shorts. The second was called Andrey, he wasn't much younger the Shred, not thick but too bald. — A we are neighbors yours stopped there, can in the evening we will pass on small? Here I approached Nick. — Here get acquainted my wife, Veronika. — It is very pleasant — smiled Roofing felt — we are neighbors yours, well so what in the evening? — Well give, come, we will be glad! — Well then till the evening! And they went further to the camp — Lesh from where they? — Da by passed, got acquainted. — What that they not pleasant In headdresses Na of convicts are similar why you called them? — Da Nick calm down, everything will be normal, we will sit we will drink yes we will disperse, go throw chtonibud more better. The sun baked all day and to contact him, an of subjects more wanted to fish not very much therefore we with the wife have a sleep, ate, the most sweet rolled about decided to leave for the evening so as in the afternoon hot was. Da and in general we have sex not often as that even in a month vssego 1 time was the wife sometimes lifts this subject, but I am tired at work and as that all prokhoditnastupal and became cool evening, we changed clothes, the wife put on sports trousers, sneakers and I told a jacket don't put on a brassiere everything equally for the evening zaplairovano him to remove, and she didn't begin to resist. We sat down at a fire on chairs and our acquaintances who went to us heaved in sight. — Well evening kind pigeons — I smiled Roofing felt — Kind — I — Well answered that the table is laid, let's get acquainted closer — Andrey told and put two bottles of vodka on a table — Lesh you only don't drink much — I whispered Nick on an ear — you aren't able to do it — Ne worry I slightly — I answered eymy sat communicated, had fun, the wife relaxed and too sipped wine, evening passed in a peace friendly situation. Later time I began to understand that I quickly get drunk a they as glass sober. The wife departed on need and to take warm socks, an of Shreds started so me dialogue: — Lech well your wife is good, give for her we will drink? — Men I everything, I already what — already stirred up me and were closed eyes — Oh yes all right that you are such weak? — they both began to laugh — someone that will please at night your beauty with A? Тыж not smodesh? Can we? — Da you that went nuts? Give disperses! — I told — You listen to us the boy, you will go to sleep a now your woman will remain with us, and we are ee as follows we will fuck! Did you understand? — Da, what you say? I will call the police now! — and here I understood that we in a solitude and police aren't present nearby, and at all no someone is present, and I became silent — Well so listen here, here no someone is present nearby someone will come to your shouts! Do you have two options, or you leave now and you leave us the wife and type not at affairs, or we break you at her on eyes and at you we do the affairs what option you choose? Me banged for fear and hopelessness, I felt kakoe that excitement.— A if it goes so me? — I asked — Well make so that didn't go, that here the second option as twist a! I understood that I have no options, the wife will fuck in any case, or at me and she will look at me and it won't be so a shame to burn down so shame or without me and then to her. — Here you bastards well I will leave to sleep. — Well here and nicely! We lit and I decided to drink still therefore that after the conversation I absolutely sobered up, Nika still as on the evil made manicure red, was tinted, expecting ours with her evenings, but here plans exchanged, it wasn't very pleasant to me at heart, but feeling of excitement internal and fear overcame me. Nika returned, and I made a look that got drunk and to me it is bad. — the Darling I went to sleep to me is lousy — Lesh sit, it is more best on fresh air, it will become easier for you, well or went then to sleep? I understood that she was coordinated for me and "the second option" was already close, then I went to cunning — You that su*a stupid? I told that I to me am lousy, you that should repeat hundred times? — I shouted at her — Lesh you what? I meant well! — She wanted, you heard, will want the house a sheep! And I went rocking in the party of a tent, but was already dark so the parties and I hid behind bushes and car, the place where we sat was as on a palm. I saw as Nika took a glass of wine and made a big drink — That it with him? Starnny what that! — I told Shreds