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He even had a rhyme about this fucking life: "Tian term, we play a backgammon, we guzzle pearl barley and a skilly". Also I wrote to the wizard of o the fact that waits for him and Hermione at itself on a hut. Will treat. Harry was shocked, of course, but agreed. Time Sirius says that it will be possible an orgy, it very well and it is necessary to go. He finished Hermione without problems, even Ronald was not in a course. By the way, red pidor everything still I mourned Ginny, after all the brother I was her. Here only Rubeus Hagrid was coordinated behind them. Yes, this rooster decided to work and be closer to Hermione. Fuck with griffindorkoy densely I sat down at the inflamed brain of a giant. Ne passed also day that it didn't jerk off on her. A rooster that-to spun about spiders and the wood that of course, nakhuy, didn't interest Harry. He waited for a meeting with Sirius and was shipped in thoughts. Their meeting was extremely warm. Sirius was the gorgeous man. Having got acquainted, all mudflows at a table to drink moonshine. Sirius, in difference from Malfoy, didn't avoid and loved strong drinks. — O, Harry, you don't present to yourself in what I was stuck. Put, bitches, fed with a skilly. As dog of veins. About me of course a lot of things are told, Harry but don't trust them! Ne trust. When they rather nalopalis, the unscrupulous orgy began. Sirius since the beginning made advances to Hermione. Ta giggled and I was doesn't mind potrakhatsya with the convict. She was made horney by a thought that rude Sirius Black will fuck her directly here, on a table. In the end of the ends so also occurred. — Okh, you, the whore, the whore — got the member Sirius and, having broken pants with Granger, set with her in the pussy on the balls. Harry everything drank moonshine, the forest warden tried to make by an a look that he doesn't see and doesn't hear what occurs around. Of course, it wasn't pleasant to him that Hermione is fucked by Sirius, a not he. It boiled everything, but so far kept. Sirius roughly fucked, having put on a table the girl, that, having twisted with legs of Bleka, groaned and moved hips to him towards. — Eblivaya the whore — Sirius rattled. — Aha, I fuck her long ago — Potter responded. — And how? — Sirius eyes lit up curiosity. — Pizda narrow at her, sucks perfectly. In buttocks I fucked too, well. — Okh, I now too will credit it. Sirius drove deeply the her and streamed a seed in a vagina. — In a mouth, give — Sirius quickly ordered. Hermione quickly slipped so a table and the big member Bleka took in hands. She shipped a claret head in a mouth and began to suck. — O-o-o-o, a-a, the whore — Sirius covered eyes. Harry got up too and rocking, approached Sirius. — Give her in two bows — the guy ordered and Granger was attached to a bum. Having taken so a table a piece of creamy oil, Potter greased a dick and entered buttocks. — Harry, I forgot to tell, oil stale — Sirius told. — A to me no matter, I for lubricant — grinned Harry. Harry fucked Hermione in buttocks, in that time as Sirius tore up her in a mouth. Sirius terminated in a mouth to the girl who swallowed a seed to a drop. Harry terminated too, filling in a gut with a cum. — Well, the whore — Sirius told and gave five to Potter. Hagrid didn't sustain and jumped so a chair. — Hagrid, a billeting, you where? — Harry following cried to him. The forest warden came to the street without speaking words. Hermione between that pinched a cum from fingers which she shipped in an anus. — Still you want? — with mischief Sirius asked. — Yes — Granger answered. — Hey, Kikimer! — What is necessary, my owner? — I appeared domovik. — We need your dick, I know how to cure it — No, no, the owner I I any more — Kikimer! — drunk Black shouted. Domovika shook everything, he was pressed in a fireplace corner. — We will do without machine oil — Hermione told, taking domovika for a hand and bringing to the juicy pussy. The dick of Kikimera jumped up here as only he appeared between legs Granger, and domovik became, shivering, to enter a head into a vagina griffindorki. At last he inserted horse-radish and moved. Hermione groaned and helped him hips, trying to ship a dick in depths of the peshcherki. — What пиздюк — Sirius delightfully told. It yobnut a glass of moonshine and again approached Hermione. — There is nothing to have a rest to your mouth. You have to suck — with these words he put a penis for a cheek and put hands to the girl on the head. They fucked her with Kikimerom minutes 20. Kikimer streamed the first, noting that in the pussy Granger just very well and no what oil, the whore is necessary. He remained in her, continuing to enjoy, and quietly to move. Idyll was broken by a shaggy monster. Pidorasina rushed with a stick, suchkovaya the club was in his hands. He solved otdubasit everyone someone fucked his Hermione. Having flown in a hut, he so all force struck Kikimera which still time terminated in a pizda. From blow he flew away meters on 10, to a wall, and fell dead. Sirius jumped aside in the party, cuming on expensive carpet. Harry osharashenno watched the forest warden. — NIKTO-O-O-O-O, NOBODY, BLYA-YAT, HE DARES to TOUCH HERMIONE! — the giant howled. At this moment Sirius tried to neutralize the cranky pederast with a stick, and having grabbed a moonshine bottle, threw her in the forester. That evaded from her and approached Bleka. — Harry, make, the whore that-nibud! — Sirius, seemed, sobered up, nakhuy, and didn't know what to do to it farther. didn't know stories by erotic A Harry that and to do. He snatched out a stick and decided to say a spell as on a threshold Narcissa came to be. She watched secretly Harry and was angered by the fact that he with Granger and Hagrid went somewhere. — A here you where — voice of the offended and offended woman began Tsissi. — the Narcissus, I — You fuck with her? With her? A I? I what, it is so bad for you? — eyes of Tsissi burned with fire, she hardly constrained herself. — Harry, the whore — shouted the scared Sirius. — A narcissus, listen to everything not so as you think I then I will explain. — Ne so? Harry directed a stick to Hagrid, however Tsissi snatched out the too, and during that instant on a table there was a vacuum cleaner with which Harry wanted to arm Sirius. The shock wave of a spell of Narcissa threw the forest warden on a table, he fell to the vacuum cleaner which soared up into air as a bird. Hagrid shouted that-to swung hands, however the vacuum cleaner flew on all room and on all house. — Nikhuya it is Sirius in bewilderment I looked at Hagrid. Oklemavshiysya from blow domovik, I stood when nearby with it Hagrid flew by. — Stop him — Hermione told. — Shut up, the whore — Sirius closed up with her slap in the face — let will do some flying, a creature! I to you in a mouth didn't terminate because of it. The giant somehow managed to direct the vacuum cleaner to Kikimera and, having seized him, crashed into a samovar. The samovar departed, nakhuy, at a door where there was Tsissi. Narcissa managed to evade, in that time as a samovar arrived directly in fucked to Potter. That fell, the whore, on a floor and a dick got into a chair. Na to a floor there was beaten ware, all zalupny cheese and beaten bottles from under moonshine. Cum splashes on a carpet, o which the owner of the dwelling so swaggered, I protected him, the whore. Sirius wearily slipped on a wall, without looking at naked Hermione who looked for the panties on a floor.