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To tell that in June I to heaven was optimistic and exhaled joy all essence would be to tell a big lie. I zatrakhalsya at work, was tired of the Moscow heat and looked forward to a holiday. Yassen a stub, I intended to tear claws from MOSCOW TIME on winged the shaitan - the car. The homeland Na to go, an is not one hour belt, just in case. Tiket it was already bought. Na 18-e, Tuesday. Also there was a wish to descend to vanish sexually before departure. A still wanted to receive new experience. Business is that I very much wanted that what — нибудь the young woman deprived of virginity my hole. I wound off already a quarter of a century, saw a miscellaneous and tried, but it remained absolutely untouched. I didn't even try to jerk off independently this place, that more when I more young seemed to me that it is a terrible sin for the guy, o such it is even impossible to think. Then, so to tell, soul I plunged into the abyss of debauchery, a when the capital hail of Moscow got over, so and in general soul departed to paradise. No the anus all equally was untouched and I honestly speaking was afraid to climb to this place full gomna and the nervous terminations. I an enema didn't put hundred years that, ee in general seems to me the last time put in hospital in the far childhood, an itself @-@ Ne telling already o phalli everyones and objects them reminding there... No the farther, the more around me there were events which caused in cherepushke think of o that shob this "muck" to try. To former will offer, roofing felt for fun, seriously, brisk colored under blondu Tatar Diana from intim — services suggests me to push the buzzing machine though I even also didn't mention o such. I refused flatly as as if to me suggested to burn babies in the domain furnace. Or sulfuric acid to drink. That more former was obviously not able to drill men's asses, I didn't want then from ee consequences neumelosti to suffer, a so called Diana (at her the name is obvious such present as color of hair) was necessary to me for classics, a not for such refinements. By the way, it is pleasant to remember Dianochku, she such not indifferent was in the work, so flowed Even strange that for such pleasant person there was so low price. Here now directly I write and I remember, this so mutual hotenyem sex. It is much costs and wins against all shortcomings. It is rough, doesn't try to please the client, not without jambs on some moments. For example, she so dressed an elastic band on my trunk that she very painfully pressed on a head. Can tell it to the client that another would take offense and I left, still and would complain in all "instances" from sutershi to the websites where takes place questionnaires. No there is one and big but, causing to her great sympathy. The girl loves the work, definitely. Nimfomanochka. It is a pity for ee that it in such low price category works, will spoil ee work on wear with a flow not of the most pleasant clients, in salon I Descend to her when in nerezinovuyu I return, I will remember May, 2018. There were months and I wanted to enter the world of passive rear-wheel pleasure more and more. Well it is necessary though time to try, more it was pleasant to that to squeeze and unclench bottom muscles to me quite No o to put I inside Was afraid of it. And there came one June day when any more not so hot, but in too time the sun and weather I was it seems friendly. The thirteenth. Na the next day after a holiday. Since morning then I was not in the best mood, yes and physically not the No fountain the fact that day for me was not the worker, an also what I a bit used for mood of a certain potion (legal and widely known. You for certain know him, the reader. Yes also I used, can be). I wasn't going to put initially that day any tick on the tested sexy practicians to Me it was necessary to go to Vykhino on affairs. What I also made. When business was executed, to me the thought was born to call Ira. Yes, for the sake of that o than you thought. — — — "The sweet woman. for fans — — — — when is what to touch I wait in guests adequate and dissolute sex for me is not work of a pleasure. Only at menyagotova to experiments. You call, write the SMS. From 10:00 till 23:00." — — — — — From Irina's questionnaire on the website of fairies. Someone this Ira, do you ask? Not bad to me the familiar worker intim — services. I to her already went to steam of times when she accepted on Shchyolkovo. The important detail, all meetings passed thetas-a — thetas of any colleagues and girlfriends in the neighboring rooms weren't. The situation was quiet, on the present intimate — ee didn't disturb are ringing, neither domestic animals, nor other annoying factors. Now it moved to work to Podolsk. I remember when I the first time called it, seemed to me on a voice that it is the tired and not burning desire to work the aunt. Cold seemed in ee what-to voice. Under to become the end of October when I to it for the first time got. No when it opened for me also the address on "you", was replaced by the address on "you", everything turned out very much even sincerely and comfortably as as if I to her skhodanul already at least five times. On age to her forty with small. She was India, accepted in convenient. to a one-room hut with a joint bathroom and the TV. I began with kuna then I the big admirer of this type of sex, especially when kunechka brings the partner. Ne I will tell that with her it turned out fabulous, Ira is sensitive changed by a part of feelings. No as the clitoris strongly increased in sizes and she became mokrenkoy, all ee the organism was I think isn't indifferent to my influence. The taste of ee of a pisa by the way is good that can't be told o of some me the tried pussies Ne I know as to describe him, but it was pleasant to me.). For warm-up of ee having got, I passed to classics and I was enough for two approaches. Between sticks we with her have a talk. In the general, on ee to words it bi (subsequently about orientation she not only me said it, a to thousands of eyes surfing in the world web, but I won't run forward), in the sphere about a year 4. I was married. There is a child, he in the neighboring area as far as I understood. It began in cheap salon, then became the individual, began an indi-karyera with Dolgoprudny, a there and moved to Moscow. Apartment on the Chink was rented by her then together with the girlfriend from Podolsk, that too in the most ancient. By me it was heard and a little bit baizes about ee work when I asked what it had the most unusual sex them too it is possible to place in rasskazik, but perhaps I won't be. I will tell only that it was necessary to refuse clients often, you understand, on salons different go A there just so you won't refuse, nobody cancelled penalties. A now to herself the hostess, can filter clients And all it in a current of hour, between kuna and two contacts. Cheerful, sociable, allows to smoke in the apartment. As wrote one of ee of clients. "At it everything turns out and potrakhatsya and to communicate". Completely I agree with it! Sincerely I wish happiness to such people, is serious I not from those someone creaking teeth from hopelessness goes on prostitutes, thus despising them and choking with disgust if only to merge a cum. They make horney me even more than "poryadoshnye" Because I love the "bad" girls who were so called. Plus I properly sympathize with them. I should hide sometimes before society the true inclinations, the true biography too (not all of course, the moments some), to put on one mask on a job, another to friends, the third in family, the fourth at a meeting with what — нибудь frenzied which tries to impose me the inadequate vision of the world. In the self-preservation purposes. I too "bad" for "society", subjects more society Russian and absolutely honestly recognize it. A still the prostitute won't be epat brains reproaches that you not so live, not so you conduct yourself with the administration, postupilmilyon years back not there. Too advantage, agree. Well, true judges of paid entertainments will understand me. Subsequently I to her went in a month, it was November, she all still was Shchyolkovo. All such pleasant and sociable, loves the word "torment" in ironic sense and slaps on male bums. Yes, she worked on BDSM to the sphere, admitted to me. Quite good experience of work on a fisting of clients, lashes, straponchik the Missile defense it by the way say that on the business it in a profession is more than 4 — 5 years. Willingly I trust, skilled in good sense, skillful. Even I won't write ee shortcomings of the story and to specially try to discover them for fans everywhere to find minuses. Well not thin, yes. With a growth the 170th weight more than 80 will be that she directly also specifies in a questionnaire. Ne pulls on pornozvezdu otfoshoplennuyu on which sofa critics No it frig and doesn't hide. But is what to touch what to caress about what to be rubbed. Just for all positive emotions that she presented to me that in the fall (and not only in the fall, running forward) I am very grateful to her. Such as she deserve support from grateful clients though therefore that such sincere in the industry now, alas, remained a little. It is necessary to protect such shots. A now to secret anal zhelanyam mine. Already then, understanding that it very well is suitable me for deprivation of my anal of innocence, I hinted her about it. At once as undressed and an hour began. No at her on clients to see good memory and she remembering about last time, at once told that it first wants to kuna. — At first you will be engaged in me, then I will be engaged in you. Give, caress. Well when I am asked by o such, I more with pleasure will make it by that! Time was evening as and in last time, on the yard the winter therefore darkened early approached We with it plaid about in quiet such twilight. A then, I allowed her to understand that I want to pass to the main thing. She began to grease an anus with gel, and began to try my opening fingers. erotic stories At first one, then two, then So himself oshchushchenyitse and me wanted to hand over three back and to pass to classical sex, in my favourite pose behind. From soul having terminated, I chatted with it and still was a little bit indulged with ee a body, only on this time without penetration into a vagina. Ne left at me that November evening to open own oven. Ne wanted simply — naprosto, probably for that moment I didn't ripen to eksperimentika yet. From that November passed the whole 7 months. For this time Ira moved to Podolsk. Also I created the pair questionnaire with a certain Maria whom I accidentally found. — — — — "Attention! Cost is specified for a meeting with us by both!!! The dissolute sophisticated perverted knots!) We are bisexual in life, a not for a tick in the questionnaire!)) In our bed hot! We love peppered sharp not banal sex!) and friend's friend!) it is (especially oral))) the Complete sexual outrage! I adore licking your balls behind while you fuck the girlfriend! It so exciting with pleasure! Tell that you want, and you will receive it! Let's plan a meeting in advance though for an hour. "" — — — — For me this questionnaire a revelation didn't become, from it I heard both about Podolsk and about the girlfriend from there. A the fact that it bi already was in a course since October. Nesmotrya that Ira's eyes in a photo on the questionnaire were closed I of course easily ee learned In these months the miscellaneous was, in that number and in the plan of intim, but the question which I designated so and remained unresolved. Well when, if not today? Weather is good, adjust that it is necessary, soon to depart. I looked on a page and uvidal that it replaced number. I gathered on new and I learned that Irina as she said "in step availability" from the station. I designated that I want to meet in eight, she gave good. As information in my phone at which I looked showed there was it in 16: 24 across Moscow when I was to Vykhino.OK, I went to Kursk. Having occupied with itself 1.75 "forests Shishkinogo", and readiness at last to reach the back purpose, I at last appeared at 7 o'clock in Podolsk. I arrived on vokzalchik not at once. Affairs - affairs were in the city on seven hills Sobyanin, misters readers. therefore reached not at once. As mine says "Nokia" I phoned to "tormentor" in 19: 18 and clearly the sea I took an interest in further actions for arrival in ee monastery in what-nibud apartment house. In the general, my way had to lie on Ulyanov Street. Before to time I wasn't in Podolsk, the friend called there on one action in November, but not hunting was No desire of sex, unusual to me, in which I hoped the second line, it will be open for you not driving of millionaires with clubs. It will even bring to Podolsk. The house found not at once. Reasons. 1. I went without hurrying, 2. "damned topographical cretinism" (it I already reported o in previous feyskom the story Vanessa Afanasyevna). Na Ira I won't drag in this situation, pedestrian availability if you reached Podolsk not the worst. If to know the shortest way you will reach time two quicker. And here in 19. 52 final before calling sozvon. The on-door speakerphone, the eleventh to the floor of the elevator me was met by our heroine in will tell so inexpensive such dress with what-to brilliant inserts on a breast. Someone lives on open spaces of the former CIS, that saw similar belongings not time. Now what — нибудь the sofa critic or kritikansha in soul will tell that this collective farm and the Gardener market. I do n "t care. It was quite short and not bad emphasized ee popochku. The libertine led me to the apartment that was located behind a platform door. Hello - hello," as life young"? "where vanished"?, Money from me, the shower In a bathroom made an enema at the same time. As and in our previous two meetings it was one in the apartment. And here my toiler of paid love lies stark naked on a bed having moved apart legs Into difference from the second time in November she didn't need to suggest to pass to ee to oral adulating. I also was already ready. In one of ee of questionnaires it was written "the most sweet pizdenka". Ne most, of course, but a big clitoris and well probritaya пися it is sexual ee. Plus at the subconscious level from what that fluids — huidov is felt that it not a log, a very much even passionate, especially if to it to find approach. It flowed that day so to itself, but ee a petal in a size increased well and a postscoring with "oh", "whore" and groans was probably on natural. The more young woman really loves sex, on ee it is visible to a look and good mood that work with her in joy. At her for certain there is a lot of constant clients that is confirmed by estimates and responses. As it was pleasant to me when she from all forces pressed to the pizde in excitement process! It was necessary to change position of the head that nostrils breathed)). Takoe easy sweet humiliation of any will get. Still she likes to throw legs to you for a back After kuna time to have a rest came. For time of rest were thrown by phrases and I learned that she is going to come back in MOSCOW TIME from On. And wants on Kiev. I approved this ee the offer, let on Kiev the price will be more expensive, but it will be very convenient to reach from my work. Yes and from Lyubertsy where I live too. A word for a word and I already hint that it is time to realize my dirty dream of the last year. As honestly I admitted to it, there is a wish having wound off a quarter of a century simply to try what it. Moe it or isn't present? In soul the probability that estimating "mine" percent on 50. From a bedside table the dick which was imprinted in two ee questionnaires from three gets. It could be put on a belt, to him there were corresponding fastenings. And in a pair questionnaire a certain Maria sucks it. It was the average size and in appearance for my back pass looked isn't more frightening. I asked that to me more than on polshishechki didn't push him and in general "to me only to try, to time wasn't". Ira encouraged me having told that if there is desire early or late it will turn out. Though for the first time maybe it is sick. And in general, her men of which she fistit and hollows enough, it isn't necessary to hesitate of such desires, VERY MUCH there is a lot of us. About popularity of massage of a prostate at "normal" little men I reminded. Probably I thought that I hesitate of the desires. I didn't hesitate of A. Would be to me years 15, yes. A with such woman, yes at such moment, was only interest, a not shyness. Ne I know how to tell o the long-awaited anal experience Here without having visited mine the place, without having felt all this range of emotions and thoughts you won't understand. It was quite good. When having greased an anus, she passed to penetration I began to groan. She naturally asked whether it is sick whether it is possible to continue. I gave consent. Inside it wasn't sore any more. I lay a stomach down on a bed on it even without turning around. Ne seeing the events behind. She tried to climb the second hand between legs, to trifle a penis and balls, I refused. To me it was also so normal. I began to make upward movement her and felt myself as the young girl of which tear the virgin. Though I am a bearded man who in April reached 26. In general, I think to tear the virgin in times more painfully, Ira carefully and slowly did frictions, yes and the phallus was the sparing thickness. She didn't hollow, a skoree shook backwards — it Was felt not as pushes, an as such extreme massage with a foreign subject in a bum forward. I usually don't sound the feeling groans, interjections, but here sounded. Silent such voluptuous okhanyami. I had no anal orgasm, yes and in general oshchushchenya in an anal were closer to pleasant, but not to tell that a high. But it was made horney in the head and in the area of genitals. Here still and the factor of a forbidden fruit made horney. I even also didn't represent earlier that such I will be engaged, for me it was unacceptable. A fuck me and to me it is good. Somehow subconsciously I was afraid to be overzealous and let in ee the unit poglubzhe. No it didn't occur. It would be interesting to learn to what I would come if I don't suggest her to finish my anal debut. I would reach an orgasm or on the contrary overstrained the fifth point for the first time and would get pain and unpleasant otkhodonyak a post factum? Skoree would be on core, but with a list in the good party. No for the first time it is more best not to be overzealous, so that I it is correct, perhaps I finished on a pleasant note. To that the got-up and bulked up penis demanded a vagina. And it received ee. Briefly having described it feelings from deprivation of anal virginity a smile and "for the first time very well, I thought it will be worse. "I passed to a classical coitus пися in писю. As at me often happens, I was behind. In process I stroked ee soft boobies of the third size (on an extreme measure she said such size in the questionnaire, yes and on a look exactly so). Both an erection and a splash of a cum, yes and process in whole at me was more vigorous than usually. After all played a role here this moment of pleasant simplification, I wanted more than a year and here at last And the main thing is pleasant and the anal makes horney me in a passive role, an I doubted that though that-to will turn out. There came time to put on, say goodbye and leave I as usually I chatted with it, talked on the subject ee of work and whose pages I saw some amusing competitors on the websites She to me told o the experience vskryvaniya male bums, (I didn't doubt him after today's). I promised if I still visit ee it wholly will enter me into the world of rear-wheel joys and I will catch anal orgasms Talked to the son by phone when I already was on a threshold Well and why that I told me thanks finally. For a money probably. Ne the first time already came)