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A for this purpose is required to it — Hermione — Harry in a whisper spoke, having rushed three minutes later into the greenhouse and on run having apologized to professor Sparzhelloy — Hermione, you have to help me. — A I what, your way, I try to do? — she answered with whisper, round disturbing eyes looking at it over the shivering leaves trepekusta which I cut off. — Hermione, by tomorrow's day I need to learn the Draft paternoster. * * * And they began to study. They didn't go to a lunch, a went instead of it to a free class where Harry, straining all will, began to force various objects to fly up to him through the room. It turned out badly. Books and feathers on poldoroge lost determination and stooped down on a floor. — Concentrate, Harry, concentrate — A I what I do? — Harry became angry. — No for some reason all time is represented to me a dragon enormous, disgusting is fine, we will try eshchyoon wanted to shirk predictions and to continue to practice, but Hermione flatly refused to pass arifmantiku, a to be left without her had no sense. Therefore it was necessary to worry hour in society of professor Trelani who devoted poluroka to explanation of that circumstance that a position of Mars on the relation to Saturn such is that the people born in July practically have no chances to avoid sudden, awful death. — Here and well — loudly I said to Harry, without having restrained — that sudden, I don't want to suffer. At Ron for a moment such look as as if he just about will burst out laughing became; definitely, he for the first time for many days met Harry a look, but Harry all still too on him took offense and pretended that didn't notice. He spent the lesson rest, a stick calling for himself under a table any trifles. He managed to force a fly to fly straight to himself in a fist though he also wasn't sure that it happened because of progress in development of the Draft paternoster — can, it just was what-nibud fly - the moron. After predictions, behind a lunch, it with work pushed into itself(himself) a little food, a then together with Hermione — in avoidance of unnecessary questions, under a raincoat - the invisible being — returned to the empty cool room. They trained till the midnight. Could longer, but Dryuzg was and, having allegedly decided that it is necessary for Harry that in him threw different objects, began to be thrown by chairs. Harry with Hermione hasty retired, having been frightened that noise will attract Filcha, and returned to the general living room of Gryffindor, on happiness, already become empty. By two o'clock to night Harry stood at a fireplace in an environment of the mountain of any things — books, feathers, several the turned chairs, old sets pobryakushey and Nevillevoy Trevor's toads. In the last hour Harry suddenly understood in what a secret of the Draft paternoster. — Already more better, Harry, much more better — Hermione looked tired, but on a rarity happy. — In the following time when I am not able to master kakoye-nibud a spell, you know what should be done — Harry responded, throwing back runic dictionary to try still time — frighten me by a dragon. So — He in which already time lifted a stick. — Assio Dictionary! The heavy volume jumped out of Hermione's hands, flew on the room and flew in Harry's hands. — Harry, you learned! — vosklinula delighted Hermione. — Tomorrow we will see — Harry told. — "Flash" will be much farther from me, than all these features, it will be in the lock, an I — in the yard — It is unimportant — Hermione surely said — if you as follow as follows you will concentrate, he will arrive. Harry, it is good to have a sleep a little to you it is necessary. Harry looked at wall o'clock. There were 3 hours of night. Till the beginning trimudrogo the tournament remained absolutely a little. Of course some objects: feathers, sheets of paper, big books, all flew to him to hands, but it it seemed to him a little. — No, still it is a little — he with readiness lifted a stick and began to try to discover a new subject for experience. — Harry! At you already it began to turn out, thanks to your concentration, an if by tomorrow's day you don't have a rest, then you will lose also it.She carefully touched a hand, the squeezing stick. Suddenly Harry felt easy nervousness from this too gentle touch. Probably Hermione felt that most, so as confusedly I took away a hand. Harry took away eyes and I sat down on a chair. — I have to practise a few, otherwise tomorrow me dragons will have breakfast. Well or will have dinner, looking on time — he nervously smiled. She put a chair opposite to it and sat down — Well be not such pessimist. Harry looked at her. Only now he understood that Hermione strongly matured. She got prettier: from a former ridiculous zubrilka there is no left no trace. Her magnificent hair weren't ridiculous any more, an even gave now her certain sexuality. Slender slightly angular figure I hid grifindorsky a sweater under which the white school blouse was seen. The breast for her age was rather developed to cause in Harry nervousness below a belt. Harry's look involuntarily fell below to a black skirt to knees under which slender legs in black golfs were seen. Harry's look grew dim and it involuntarily presented as pulls together panties from these legs. — Harry? You in an order? Harry with work I could tear off a look from her legs. It turned out that Hermione for the second time trying to reach consciousness of the friend. — A vobshchem Yes. Harry with horror I understood that his dick is horney to a limit and is ready to break off fabric on his trousers. He with work raised the face which reddened with shame on her. Hermione was red too as she of poppies color and confusedly corrected now a skirt. From one party his look confused it, a with another — her was awfully pleasant to be realized that such nervousness in Harry's trousers was caused by her. She the awkward movement corrected hair and suddenly understood that she is horney. — the Party of Pensioners of Russia p-prodolzhim occupations — she told slightly stammering. In the next time having driven away from itself o thought Hermione Harry's panties I tried will concentrate. — What? — he asked again. — we Will work e-e-e — she stopped short and involuntarily licked the dried-up lips. Harry collected will in a fist. — Yes asio — the appeal veshcheyon resolutely got up, but suddenly understood that all it 20-santimetrov the mountain tower on his trousers, and in direct a bliza with Hermione's face. She without coming off I looked at his dick, distinctly realizing that her "pussy" finally gets wet. Ne thinking o anything, except as o sex and a shame, Harry an unseeing look I stared at a table behind her. With despair he thought: "Sdlay though that-nibud! Distract from her smooth sexy legs there Are no legs! Ne to think of it!". The shivering hand he lifted a stick. — Asio! Further there was what excited Harry couldn't expect. Contrary to all last failures with very big objects the table jerked forward, yes with such force that with a force o a back of a chair of Hermione hit. The blow was enough for that Hermione flew so a chair and I tumbled down Harry on a floor. Several minutes they nepodvizhno looked the friend at the friend. At last Harry allowed itself I smiled: — You today surprisingly beautiful. Hermione smiled in the answer. — Thanks. Having burst out laughing he embraced her and kissed on lips. Harry worked enough surely and skillfully, so as he had some experience in these affairs. Several weeks ago he began secretly met Rita Skitter. Their not absolutely normal petty intrigue began beginning with an interview in the storeroom, in day of check of sticks at champions. There Rita for the first time tested his special stick, and found its and its owner on surprise perspective and capable. From this day each day off they met in "Kabanyey to the head". And there this dissolute puma trained at an extent of 3 — 4 hours Harry in various knowledge in the field of carnal joys, at etomne forgetting to get from it pleasure. Thus their places meetings weren't limited only "Kabanyey to the head". stories erotic Several time she secretly got into the lock, catching Harry in the most unexpected places. Three days ago he woke up from strange feelings. Having come to itself he found out that Rita made the way under bed curtains of his bed and now violently sucked away at him. One hand she clamped to him a mouth, another was held by his dick. That night she was very passionate, at this Harry the strong smell of alcohol felt. They made it in full silence, without looking that Rita obviously imposed soundproof charms on bed curtains. She demanded again and again, bringing his falling-down dick to fighting readiness all truths and not the truths. Then Harry terminated 6 times how many Rita — Harry got off so accounts. Na her morning wasn't any more, Ron asked a why he looks as the happy squeezed-out lemon. Behind a breakfast he received from it the letter — it was short: "Perfectly. All still I shiver. So far it is worth stopping — a lot of work. Your RS. Find PS to yourself someone-nibud — practise;) ".