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A how many forces, the ideas, time was spent also all for nothing! I acted as the initiator of this action, long ago I wanted to leave for a week far away from a civilization, families, with good friends that in the afternoon volleyball, evening of a song under a guitar, night bathings, morning fishing all as in old kind times. My messmates I Am brisk and Kolka agreed at once, and persuaded the wives, more true, dissuaded from trips to everyones of Turkey and Kipra there, the pier and our nature aren't worse! Well, with them-to special difficulties never arose, there were always lungs on rise, it was more difficult with my wife Alyona. Here any gingerbreads you won't entice ee on the nature! Pincers entsefalitnye, mosquitoes in a bum, a toilet in bushes (as it in general is possible!?), any hygiene, neither shower to you, nor hot water, nor bidet well and all it to that similar. Ne I will tell how to me all was succeeded to try to persuade ee what were promised the moon, all equally now nothing not popishesh, the holiday is spoiled, a here the promised gold mountains should be looked for somewhere! The idea of a campaign arose even in the winter when for February 23 my hotly beloved wife presented me "set young pokhodnika" (a mug, a spoon, well and still everyone there pribluda), then I seriously this subject and lit up! Here with men under 0, 5 cold Cranes this idea was discussed, yes and our little girls supported us completely. Well a since morning, having cooled sick golovushku ice beer I also began the plan to make for which implementation the hottest time by my calculations, the middle of July was chosen. The campaign was broken into three stages. Day on foot, two days alloy on reke also put more on foot to the lake, a from there already by electric train home. That not to drag all property on a hump, I on the minibus went, was agreed that each of days someone-to one of men overtakes transport to the place of the following parking, well there кoстeрoк prepares prepares and waits for other group, akh well yes, still in reke cools vodka, it-to of course, during such heat. Here all is so beautiful and it was planned, on business in the first day the beginning hmarit, cloudlets on the sky until start points reached that, the thunderstorm passed also heavy rain small. I look, washing a nose at once I hung up, makes eyes, a pier: "well what I told you, so it also left". Well, nothing, I sent them along a route, the first piece the shortest and the easiest was, an itself went to make fire and the camp to the place of the first parking to set up. Places there — you will begin to rock: reserved. Reka clean, cold, water in it transparent, fish laps, a grove nearby coniferous as the writer would tell — a pastoral! And mine quickly came, by six in the evening already at a fire all sat, on three glasses passed, a fir-tree shish kebab, Is brisk a guitar adjusted. I look and mine it seems began to smile. Well and I cheered up: — Well friends are companions — I say — give for weather that it to us didn't spoil a holiday! Ne I know, nesuyeverny I, but, probably, I made angry the words of God Pogoda. He allowed us to sit about a floor of an hour, a then as livanulo! (so till this time also pours without stopping). We on fast in our tent brought everything, there and continued, sat a few, a bottle drank up, then the second, look and the shish kebab dispersed, songs marching pogolosili yes and ran up zapolnoch to sleep on the tents, in hope that in the morning we will be met by the bright sun and our campaign will proceed! Morning met us by heavy rain more than former, on the small river not to wash, not to make fire. Washing it was inflated, then and at all to the hysteric I went, in the general into such affairs. I threw with a raincoat, went to Yurke to a tent, to help with wineache yes to hold council! I look and Kolka already there, and on a glass without me managed to pass already. — We thought you sleep — is guilty he muttered."Aha — I thought — as as if you didn't hear cries of my most dear spouse here", but aloud became nothing. Silently stretched me a mug. I so silently ee in myself poured. The mood nasty was. No as inside all poobozhglo, so it seems and in the head rustled, it seems and "life" began to be adjusted. I wanted already was the second to overturn as mine in a tent crept, all in tears, shivers, not for rage, not from cold though in our sleeping bag of heat, I in general in pants slept. — Will drop down vodka to guzzle. You all as want, an I home leave, bring me to the station! — Well Alain what you — it Are brisk tried — Alyona, yes remain, today will water, tomorrow weather will get better, well what you — it already little girls in eager rivalry began to chatter. — I told everything! — deafly, in the stuffed-up nose Alenka answered and I went out back into a rain! — Well, what you? — Kolka stretched again filled I turn. — Ai-y! — in hearts I sharply waved a hand and followed afterwards the wife. In a tent we talked a few though I also knew that without sense if mine what in the head was hammered, then everything, extinguish light, you won't bring everything, so itself it will be trampled until the bear lifts up — stubborn! There is nothing to do, I slept it off a little and after a lunch I brought ee to the station, the benefit isn't far from her managed to leave. There as time drove up to the train, I put ee on the electric train, asked to be stopped ringing as home will arrive. She awarded me with a nervous nod and having finally sparkled eyes, at all turned away from a window, even didn't wave with a hand. There were I one, angry, confused, suppressed. Everything broke to devils. I came into shop, I took still vodka for the future and beer with croutons then not to go, I returned towards the evening. Poured as from a bucket, on the place of our campfire there was a huge pool. The benefit the place of the camp was covered with needles and the glade didn't begin to turn into the swamp yet. I passed by a tent of friends, listened: in one I snored Kolka, in another I Am brisk. I stood for about a minute, in a despair I waved a hand (even to drink there is nobody!) also I went to myself. I sat down in a tent on edge of an inflatable mattress, having leaned out and having exposed legs in prikhozhem a compartment, I opened a bottle of beer and in a volley I devastated a half, having hiccupped and it is tasty otrygnuv gases, I unpacked a package of salty croutons and crackled. Through a veil of a rain the opposite coast of the river was hardly looked through. During bad weather gets dark earlier therefore I noticed the gray silhouette which is slowly going to reke not at once. "Kto-to from little girls" — I thought, "Ne sustained, to burn went" — I gloomy joked to myself therefore I as finished drinking the third bottle of beer, and the mood was upadnichesko-yazvitelny. No the silhouette didn't reach the river, curtailed to the next pine, stood, zakoposhilsya in the region of a belt, then sat down. "Aaaa, on need was impatient!" — the next thought flashed. It is advisable to turn away, rules of decency, all it, yes though to the devil, all wetted through to a thread as dogs what here decencies. On the contrary, I strained sight, trying what-nibud to make out. Of course, except the stooped silhouette in a gray raincoat I saw nothing, but but a smog dofantazirovat as she opened a raincoat, I pulled together track bottoms — if it is Olga, or I undid jeans — if Vika, then I pulled together panties, I sat down, and the prompt hard stream shot from her the fountain, beating out coniferous needles from the soil, foaming and, mixing up with the rain, and here being absorbed in a friable coniferous carpet. Here she a little poprisedala, probably shaking the last droplets, here I blotted sponges with a napkin, I became straight, having pulled trousers, pokoposhilas, probably all Vika again, I buttoned jeans. All these thoughts became the reason of inflow of blood to my in a moment grown body, in trousers it became pleasant hotly, the dick zazudel from excitement. "To fuck ee" — the crazy thought cast by hop, excitement, offense at the wife and the forced inaction caused by weather rushed. When the silhouette returned, I made out that it is after all Olga, the wife Kolki. — Ol? — pozvalya by a hoarse voice. — Pashka, you? Returned already? — she replaced a trajectory of the movement from the tent to mine.— I returned! What do you hang around till night? — A that, night already that whether? — she squeezed ko to me into the waiting room — Give ka I to you will climb, a that was blotted already by all. I, of course, understood that she had in view of under words "got wet", but thought why that about other ee the place which got wet from the recent actions caused by need which witness I became. The dick, seems, strained even stronger. I moved a little: — Sit down! Beer you will be? — I froze as the swine, kakoe hot would offer beer, a seagull! — Aha, where I would take him, I can offer only the hot bed, the truth which cooled down already, yes you and the have it! — Sposhlil I am a little. She kept silent, I felt a how ee a body beats a shiver. — Can vodka? Will you be warmed? — Yes how many it is possible, today ee is already so much vyzhrali, so I passed through time, a these three in umat, by the morning horse-radish will sleep it off! — As that is sad all! Probably tomorrow we will curtail the camp and we will consider our adventure unfortunate! — Yes I also don't mind, but children, it seems, seriously washed down, now day three-chetyre will drink, da and Vika with them. — Well, I will talk to men tomorrow! She turned and looked at me though I didn't see ee look in darkness. — If you catch between a hangover, then can and you will be in time, but I-to know the more better, and not zapoyny it seems, but there is a black strip, every five years as kosa on a stone — Olga compassionately sighed — will hardly hear until all not vyzhret, calms down! All right, I will go to sleep, can I will be warmed though. Quiet night!