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No now monthly coincided with quite painful memoirs from past ee therefore the girl wanted to lean on sweet, pretending to be a lazy seal. However, Alice's head functioned on the full coil. She without were tired I printed the story, putting in it all soul. In writing process, the girl understood that it is more necessary and useful, not Astra, a to her. He submitted himself a peculiar diary in which she without constraint in details painted o the beginning of the sexual adventures experienced thus emotions and the arising feelings. If since the beginning of the narration, she wanted to write about physiology, formation of the young girl in the big versatile world of sex and BDMS more, then now Alice gave big attention to emotions which she experienced at that or other moment of time. Now she was firmly convinced that feelings and moral feelings were much more important for her, than physical though and the girl wasn't going to refuse them at all. Having done in process of the sexual and perverted adventures it is a lot of everything that could be characterized the word "search", in whole, she didn't regret for o the fact that it was involved in similar games, a then and itself, having gone to "free swimming" continued experiments. The girl solved for herself the main thing: now her was what to remember and thus all-ravno there was no wish to stop on reached. All soul and a body she adored sex and BDSM-praktiki, appreciated people who were with her on one wave and helped to carry out unrealized imaginations or shared the. Alice literally was eager for a meeting with Astra at which the subject and the worthy personality with whom it was possible to fill the sharp need for the bright emotions and uncommon acts having a juicy shade saw skilled. The story by the girl approached one of the most saturated on events to the life ee period. From one party, at that moment Alice was concerned by study, the second in life ee session came. From other party, on it without ceasing parents who, being extremists, often couldn't stop in the numerous inquiries and requirements pressed. They forgot that their eighteen-year-old daughter not the robot and that she has feelings and experiences too, without speaking already o age contradictions of the personality. And main thing: she was strongly influenced by the first love to the guy who was really fairly clever and good himself. Thanks to regular and saturated sex with him, she to receive tons of the positive emotions helping the girl with other vital aspects and situations. Well and, of course, it is impossible to forget about ee the tutor, ee of the teacher and the sexy partner in one person. The imperious woman connected all lifelines of Alice together. She could influence directly ee study, was familiar with ee parents, an about sex and couldn't be spoken. Nadezhda Nikolaevna literally trained the personal skillful slave who was ready to execute practically any order for the sake of the Madam from the girl. Thus, thanks to domine Alice was liberated and became surer, and not only in the sexual plan. Thanks to NN the character of the girl became tempered, in result of what of ee it was harder and harder to bring out of balance. From the clever girl-zubrilki Alice in only a few months was transformed to the caustic and clever amazon capable to stand for itself both in moral, and in the physical plan. From numerous complexes there is practically no trace left also, the girl learned to use an in own purposes of advantage of the beautiful body and clear mind. Alice guessed that NN brought up in ee the person the copy, only more modern and improved. The woman didn't plan to have children and in what-to measure Alice replaced with her the daughter in whom there was a wish to put numerous knowledge and experience. The story which is in detail painted by the girl also had to help her to analyse that in a result became with that little naive girl Alice and what all perversions without which she couldn't exist now because life began to seem to her gray and monotonous at once brought ee to. "Na to another meeting with NN when I habitually faced her naked on knees and diligently I licked ee a perineum, she dumbfounded me with a phrase: — In a week there will arrive Michael. Ne stop! He comes ko to me, a not to you! Though as I also spoke, yours the help it to be necessary for me. In that time and in the subsequent, Madam almost didn't torment me and didn't strap. Probably, I wanted that my body looked most effectively, had no defects in a type of bruises and other defects. But all three of my "holes" as regularly I called them NN, had to work. The tutor more than an hour serially fucked me a strap-on, forcing him to lick, to suck round so all the parties and to accept deeply in a throat. Under the order dominy a big part of time I was stuck on an artificial dick, a didn't substitute the holes under him. We replaced about ten poses after what I was absolutely exhausted. My occupations fitness and sport in that time practically stopped. Similar "trainings" and sex with Dima with likhvoy covered the needs of a young body for physical loading. By the way, one week prior to arrival of the English lover of my Madam, Dima's jealousy as if disappeared. No as it appeared, he just hid, without sounding aloud and accumulating the claims ko to me. The guy watched me so the parties and tried to control each my step. And here, the long-awaited moment came. As now I remember, on Friday, NN called me, than already very much surprised, it did this only a few number of times. I guessed the call reason at once, to my surprise, judging by the woman's voice, she considerably was nervous. — Alice, hi! Tomorrow there comes Michael in the morning and will remain at me for several days. I will be needs your help. — Yes, of course. — I answered "for a tick". As if I would have a choice and I could refuse. It seemed, NN is unreasonable and as if specially forces the atmosphere of this event. And it managed it, now also I was already nervous, feeling that absolutely quite difficult examination is necessary to me soon. A that? Everything is logical! The tutor trained me for delivery of certain objects which needed to be handed over at a session. So and with sex: several months trained me, drove in knowledge (the truth not into the head, a to other places) and now time to show them to several experienced teachers in this "scientific area" came. NN repeatedly called and specified visit time on Saturday in the afternoon, but now ee a voice already was more pacified and even happy. Probably, the first hours of a meeting with the man passed successfully and to the woman, a can also ee to the lover, "additive" in a look me was required. Soon I already faced ee a door, dressed without pathos, but is the most stylish. And only at this moment I understood that I didn't receive any additional instructions in a part of how I needed to conduct myself at the unfamiliar man? To show to a descent the humility and obedience or to conduct itself neutrally? It was possible to guess to infinity therefore I just gathered with thoughts and I called a door so familiar to me. Opened for me far not at once though, for certain waited for my visit. I want to specify that all talk between us was carried on in English, but I will describe them, already in translation that to you, Astra, it was more convenient. — Hello, Alice, pass. — Madam didn't meet me by such benevolent tone yet. No the actress would leave her quite good, even I believed ee to a sweet voice. — Hello. — Quietly I greeted both. The man vysheliz-za backs of NN and having taken my hand, gallantly I kissed back side of a palm. I definitely didn't expect such meeting. I think if I would be put on knees at once and tore on me clothes, then I was surprised less than now. By the way, about clothes, strangenesses of all events were given also that both the woman, and the man were dressed in terry dressing gowns from under which their barefoot legs were seen. Probably, the situation in the apartment already became quite cozy for all attendees, except me. In any second I expected a dirty trick. And if from NN I approximately knew that it is possible to wait, then the man was for me closed and novel for all hundred percent. Whether Madam told him about me and my role in life ee, or it had to clear up later? What did the man want to receive from a meeting so me and whether wanted what-libo in general? Maybe he was even wilder and tough pervert, than NN, or his fetishes will be so nasty what will frighten even me? There were many questions, but they quite quickly cleared up. — Hello, Alice, I am called Michael. Give I to you I will help. — He took off a leather jacket from my shoulders and carefully hung up ee on a hanger. "If he is a maniac, then very sophisticated and me it is necessary to suffer much!" — I thought, looking at his smooth, but sure movements. The man in whole conducted himself so as if it was his apartment, a NN was only his companion of life. — Pass on kitchen, we will drink to tea. — Okh these stereotypes about British! Well we don't love tea everything is universal! — With a laughter Michael said. From his reaction felt better me at once. Now he seemed to me already more similar to the person, than on the maniac. Having taken off footwear, I remained in jeans and a jacket. Instructions in an occasion of my external look didn't follow earlier therefore instead of stockings on me there were usual short socks. The truth linen I picked up everything poseksualnee. Having come on kitchen, I found continuation of a conversation. — According to modern statistics, British drink coffee, a not tea much more, and with noticeable overweight. — I too in the last time passed to coffee more. A day I don't do without three cups. — Look, be not fond, it can be harmful to heart. A you is necessary to me healthy. — Lovely Michael smiled. At once having felt itself superfluous, I stiffened in doors. — Pass, Alice what you will be tea or coffee? — Coffee. — I said in low tones, sitting down at a small round table. In such way, we settled down behind it at identical distance the friend from the friend. I regarded it as an indicator of initial equality between us. — our person! — The man exclaimed. — Alice, how many you years, tell o to yourself. — Eighteen. I am a student, I study — A little what I didn't understand, o than specifically me ask to tell, so still and, having become puzzled, forgot all words even in native language. — O, the greatest age! — Again Michael exclaimed. He in general expressed more in an enthusiastic American manner, than in the phlegmatic English. — my student! — I specified NN. — O, you teach at this charming lady? — Yes. She one of the best students of the first course. On an extreme measure she the cleverest and compliant of all. — The woman's hints allowed to understand to me at once and the man where she drives. For myself I everything noted that the man all still was not in a course of for what NN invited me. There was the last question: whether he knows about unusual hobbies dominy. — You are really beautiful, the girl. — He began to extol me. — No, of course, Nadezhda for me the best, but you are precisely more beautiful than all others! — How many compliments, Michael! Look, don't overpraise us! — Na these words NN I moved closer ko to me and I began to stroke softly on hair as what-to doggie.