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Her eyes were already poured by tears, and ink smoothly began to flow down, on cheeks; Nastya periodically squelched a nose. It was offensive for her for itself not so much, an is a shame that what-to guy will punish her now it is unknown for what and in the end of all her tortures properly will use her on appointment — in quality of a sex-toy. erotic stories of sexytalespervy, but careful and not courageous, I hit a wave of a hand and a lash on elastic buttocks of the defenseless captive. She quietly moaned, but the gag didn't give her postanyvaniyu to spread in one thousand echoes on the room. The first tears seemed on face Nastenki.Ha to the elastic, juicy buttocks estimated by the maximum criteria this night when the thief changed clothes of the toy and entered into her buttocks anal probochku with the lubricant help, reddish traces appeared. An approving slap on buttocks and again a hand wave, and new blow of a lash in the buttocks stolen. 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