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So also days were whiled away, stolen was burned. However, in it there is nothing surprising. A what else to do to the experienced pirate who hammered together quite good team and having the own ship? — Fly, his mother, Lammont — the yokel who entered into tavern filtered — there is such here? The appearance was familiar, but the pirate didn't manage to remember where he could see him. To that the magnificent dark blue single-breasted coat and an openwork hat hid a kind half of the person. — Well I — he told, having put a hand on a pistole. Stridently having had a look at entered, also set to him a counter question — a you what for horse-radish from a hillock? — Biao Krangk — that bowed and without demand I sat down at a table of Fly. — Yes you grew up — the pirate with respect told, a floutingly added then — yes and an ass ate off, isn't located on a chair. Ha-ha-khaa. So, where vanished? — Settled the mercenary — Ukho-ho-ho — didn't allow to finish speaking him Fly and, being smothered from a laughter, asked — and someone-to took you? — I took. No not in it an essence. More precisely in it, but — Biao became nervous — we can talk one on one? Believe it important. — Silvia, my baby, leave us, you see my friend still the virgin and very much hesitates of presence of sexy ladies like you — he slapped on buttocks of the girl and that, having giggled, ran in a utility room. — For the beginning I will tell that you are a cretin. — M-mm, is a little. — Well so here, cum the jokes. I know something. It, undoubtedly, will interest you. There is a ship and it is loaded with relics. It will sail away and go one, without escort. — One? With relics? Yes you in the mind? — Fly hardly bit constraining a laughter. — Yes listen, I is serious. Relics from silver and gold, with emeralds, rubies and other stones. Their owner so avaricious that presses close on protection. To that he stole them and hopes to take out quietly, without attracting attention. — Nicely you sing. From where such confidence? — Unless I lied to you when? — No. Just you had no such opportunity. — As you know. If you undertake, only smooth affairs, then wouldn't hammer together to yourself the capital. Can, you don't need money? Do you grow old? — Ben asked, having defiantly thrown legs on a table. Knowing that his interlocutor can't suffer when he is accused of cowardice or laziness, he very much risked. — I didn't lose the Grasp — Fly bellowed and dumped legs of the interlocutor so a table — I in business. You will tell the details to Jake Kleshna, will check your cock-and-bull stories. Also it isn't necessary to look so at me, you know that if business burns out, then I won't offend. There is no A, kotis where far away and feed with the fables other captains. Biao grinned and, having nodded, left tavern. He was "good small", only therefore Lammont didn't throw out him for a shkirka, a listened. Therefore as storytellers and the police dogs who are looking for the benefit, a dime a dozen. Na volume also dispersed, and the pirate went to be engaged in the ordinary entertainments. — Where here my beauty? — Fly came into a utility room. The girl playfully lifted a dress, having shown a slender leg. He approached, squeezed boobies of the lady and stuck into passionate lips. Breakthrough I tore decollete fabric. — you don't feel sorry for Me, so don't tear a dress. — New you will buy — the pirate told, with might and main savouring nipples and pricking a breast an unshaven bristle. I lowered leather trousers, having thrown out the economy. Then I carried out by it on a damp hole of the girl. I lifted ee for a waist and put on an elastic stake. Having clasped his neck, she crowded with desire, hung on it. They selflessly indulged in love joys, several pans overturned by negligence by them attracted several viewers. Horney lovers didn't turn on those attention at all. The pirate liked to be engaged in it in tavern, there it is always crowded, and kokoy silent on the first a look not to choose a recess for this invention, the public always was. Fly continued snoshat ee on weight, gradually accelerating speed, and soon filled ee a close gate with the seed. Having lowered Silvia on a floor he gave her zhmenyu coins — tell hello to the little sister .Lammont I returned on the Marten, only towards the evening. The ship was almost empty, the lion's share of crew remained to spend the night in embraces of great ladies, or just became tipsy in gates. However, the captain allowed, people need to have a rest too. Kto-to would call it dissoluteness. No in raids he was absolutely another, up to three skins tore up from seamen, and the discipline was iron. He was able to do of crowd of ragamuffins of the real sea devils. Fly came into a saloon, there Biao Krangk and Jake Kleshnya already sat.