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Business is that this woman very much, very hot. Na her practically all sharaga jerks off and dreams to fuck, and I want to notice not only students. Growth she about 165 cm, weight I won't guess, but not thin and not full, so to tell, in time. Elena Vladimirovna has black hair and a short hairstyle. Eyes at her brown. Let a breast at her absolutely small that-to between the first and second size, but she has for what on her all cums sharaga — her huge ass! Yes - yes, a huge elastic bum in the fitting trousers, jeans or a skirt which looms all in a row in sharagskikh corridors. From its huge popishcha it is simple not to take away a look and there is a wish to admire her bum round day. It is necessary to tell that Elena Vladimirovna perfectly knows it and understands all lewd and insuperable force of the back. Owing to her character she adores arresting to herself attention of people around. And how to turn attention to the person? Correctly! Huge, elastic and wide hips which wag in corridors of ours sharagi on each change. Elena Vladimirovna possesses very languid and exciting voice, owing to the character again. She notices imperceptible tendency to seduction and seducing of men by demonstration of "accidental" sexual poses before subject to seducing. No there is it as accidentally, but the effect renders strong. She it seems also doesn't tempt, but and at that moment accepts very frank poses. Others words she forces men and guys to want her by extremely imperceptible methods, like the courier of wagging by a bum in walking time. I hope, you understand me. Na the page it quite often posts the photos in which the sticking-out ass of Elena Vladimirovna who so and cries out is very clearly visible on the social network — "Look at me! I am beautiful!" Certainly on these photos in the evenings the floor of school, a masturbates when the teacher spreads the photos, for example from the beach where she in a bathing suit, from the pool or from what-nibud sauna, it is the real holiday for drocherov-lyubiteley her huge back which practically all is sharaga. She puts on almost always very efficiently. Business jacket, shirt, trousers, belt. Of course it always emphasizes the most attractive place with the fitting trousers or a skirt. If to go deep into her private family life, then it will turn out that with the husband she long ago in a divorce, her daughter lives in other city, a she one lives in own small cottage. About her many rumors at us in sharage go very much. it is written for Say that she trades in a body and is engaged in prostitution that she is a final nymphomaniac someone-to even says that he once saw her in a porno, but it everything not more than perverted thoughts spermotoksikoznykh school students. I so dumayukonechno as also I too for day jerked off all in her photo, representing as I fuck it in her elastic point or as she sucks at me directly in time couples. No I couldn't even think o in any way what happens when I come directly to it home to lessons repetitorstvatak here, I needed to go to Elena Vladimirovna home on tutoring lessons. Having approached her house and having passed a gate, I approached her door and called a call. Having waited some time, I called again, but nobody opened a door. Then I began to be knocked, gradually increasing knock force. I already thought that anybody there is no house, and thought to be going to leave, but here I heard a sound of the opening door. I was faced by Elena Vladimirovna in a dressing gown and wet-headed.E. V.: "Hello, Maxim. Did you come to occupations?" I: "Hello, yes." E. V.: "Come so far and pass to the room, I will approach you soon" I came inside. Elena Vladimirovna left directly along a corridor and came into the bathing room. I was undressed and passed to the room as she also ordered. There I sat down on a sofa and began to wait for her return. She washed in soul and I didn't know as long I should wait for her. From long expectation at me with boredom the imagination was played, and I supported with a type of the naked teacher in a dressing gown began to dream what she is engaged in soul. I represented that she masturbates and caresses the pink pussy, pushes fingers to itself in a vagina, a licks them then, caresses and squeezes the huge sweet ass, caresses the nipples, etc. From these imaginations I not on a joke got up a dick, I was strongly made horney and I quickly clogged heart. At me began to take spirit from the fact that directly now in the bathroom, Gadyukina completely naked washes under water streams. From these thoughts the hand itself stretched to my perineum, and I, having convinced that nobody sees me, began to squeeze the dick through trousers. I squeezed it more and stronger, and understood what should be cumed now. Here to me struck in the head that here, at it the house I can find her photos and terminate in them while she washes, a can even take away a little with itself. Here only, where they can is? Eyes I obbegal all cases and regiments in the room, but understood what to look for is useless if not to know where there are her albums with photos. Хм. A that if to look for her photos on the laptop of the teacher, I so will even be able to throw off everything that I will find, I with myself had an USB USB stick. I took the laptop so a table and began to include it. He joined very long and terribly braked. I was overcome by feeling of strange doubt and fear to be noticed therefore I urgently completed work of a laptop and put it back. What to do? I should terminate! I continued to squeeze a dick through trousers in the hand, dreaming o naked and zhopastoy to the teacher in soul in five meters from menyaelena Vladimirovnav dushev five meters from me!!! Here hit me on the head with strong feeling of the most powerful excitement from a thought that I directly now can approach the bathing room and spy upon the washing teacher. At me began to tremble hands and I forgot here all doubts and fears to be noticed, and went very silent step to a door of the bathing room. I very often and loudly breathed from the strongest excitement, but Elena Vladimirovna didn't hear my breath because of a noisy shower. Here I already approached a door and glanced in a crack. Devil! In her нихуя it isn't visible. I saw only tooonenkuyu a stripe between a threshold and a door at which simply нихуя it isn't visible. Damn! I very much was upset. Really I won't see bared Gadyukinu? What disappointment. Stop. Door. It isn't closed! I cheered again up and made horney even more than former. I very slowly opened a door so that the chink was poshire, and what I saw, forced my dick to rest against pants with the maximum force. I saw a shower curtain behind which the silhouette of the washing Elena Vladimirovna was visible. She at this moment washed the body with what-to gel for a shower, and caressed the body, pounding gel to the small boobies, on the tummy and the smart royal buttocks. I saw only a silhouette, but didn't restrain any more and lowered trousers a little to get a dick. I began to jerk off diligently on this delightful show. Elena Vladimirovna washed away from herself all gel and took that-to in hands. I poured in a palm what-to gel again and I began to smear with it the short dark hair, having turned a bum from me to the right. O, it was just magnificent. No I wanted to imprint this great moment also. I slowly got the phone from a pocket of trousers and wanted to take a picture of Elena Vladimirovna behind a curtain, but on the cam нихуя it wasn't visible, so as in reality therefore I accepted very risky decision on an excitement wave. I decided to come into the bathing room and tikhonku to take a picture Gadyukinu of a bum before a curtain. I decided that I will make it. Noise from a shower was loud, and it played to me on a hand. I silently opened a door and on all fours got inside. Gadyukina all so I stood an ass to the right from me therefore I needed to take a picture of it on the right. The shivering hands I started the cam on phone. It was necessary to take a picture imperceptibly of her back and to get away back to the room. At me it turned out. I put out a hand with the camera before a curtain and directed her to enormous wet buttocks, in passing eyes admiring such sweet and improbable beauty of elastic rolls Gadyukinoy. Business is almost made. Everything turns out! I can't believe. I am focused on a bum and I lower a camera lock on telefonepo to all bathtub the loud sound of the made photo from loudspeakers telefonaya is distributed I forgot to switch off a sound