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In the general, after 5 shot glasses of whisky and the 7 samogonki I felt myself fairly drunk. I wanted to bathe. There was an intolerable heat in the afternoon, a when came twilight, the cool breeze, and the lake so blew and attracted to itself. Having changed clothes in a bathing suit I, Stepka, Vlad and Vaska went to float. Smart water! As pair milk! You come — and cool water washes a sticky sweaty body. What is remarkable, in the lake pure water, without ooze and lumps. In the general, to us drunk to bathe there was one pleasure. So as it was already dark, boys bathed naked. I didn't risk to go to similar revelations therefore remained in a bathing suit for a while. Stepka and Vaska surrounded me and began to lap water. Then Vaska stretched a hand and while Stepka in me splashed, I pulled down the top part of a bathing suit. In this time Vlad from below swam up and untied strings on the lower part. So and I turned out naked in the lake at night. stories erotikaplavat naked — a high. Alcohol in blood didn't allow me to hesitate of the nakedness, and we with boys have much a good swim. We returned to the camp about midnight. Having thrown with several more piles someone-to suggested to play a twister. I so also remained in a bathing suit (which I put on at once as I got out of water), an other little girls were in undershirts and shorts. A game twirled us so that before my person whose-libo intimate parts of a body constantly flashed. We laughed much, shouted and released each other podkoly. I was the leader Lenka, and she in every possible way scoffed at us, forcing to be turned out under an unnatural corner. In a result I remained the winner Katka, having stood us all. For Katya's victory we drank again. And we wanted to dance! Under the song "Music is louder, eyes are closed, it non-stop "we loudly shouted and jumped, trying to force our drunk extremities to dance. Vo 2om to hour Vaska dragged me to sleep, referring to the fact that after such dose of alcohol it needs to sleep it off that tomorrow (a more precisely already today) to sit down at a wheel. It is necessary to notice, he drank less me, but to sleep the first decided to leave most. Having said goodbye so everything, we crept away in a tent. The privacy worked on me encouragingly. I wanted now, exactly in this time, to tell Vaske as strongly I love it. Covering his person and a neck with kisses, I whispered it the most tender and gentle words which only came to my drunk head. I felt that now I need to tell that it is expensive to me that he is my first man and as strongly I want him. In dim light I noticed how his fly was bulged, and my hand slipped there. I made horney his advantage through fabric of sports trousers, without forgetting to kiss his lips. His hands caressed my breast, sometimes touching by lips. So we also made horney the friend's friend until Vaska stopped my hand the sharp movement and told: "I can't any more!" Then I slipped slightly below, settled more conveniently, having sexually bulged buttocks (then it seemed to me that it was sexual, but as it was on the business I don't know), and pulled an elastic band of his trousers. To me in all beauty his friend already ready to fight opened. I language hardly concerning I carried out along a trunk from the basis to a head and again I lifted a view of the face of darling. He smiled. Then I went down a few below and I clasped with a mouth a ball sack. Vasya was curved here and published groan. I began slowly to soak up one ball, to release back, thus caressing language. I saw as gets pleasure Vaska and itself was made horney. Then I returned to the dick. I held with three fingers him at the basis and carried out by language on a head. Then fast I licked lips and the dick took in a mouth. At first I just drove the head up-down. Then I wanted to make Vase even more pleasantly and I densely squeezed lips, exposed language ko to an entrance and the dick inside began to push. My man closed a mouth a sleeve and groaned. I created to him feeling of an entrance to a virgin vagina — so hardly was — and it was pleasant to him. Then I slightly accelerated. Hands of darling squeezed my shoulders and palms, leaving bruises. I understood that the huge pleasure delivers him what I do. Having slightly inclined the head in a side, I straightened a neck, squeezed densely lips and thrust his fighter as deeply as the mouth cavity only allowed, the emetic reflex didn't begin yet, and I pulled out, but not completely. And again I repeated all. His dick almost completely found room in a mouth so that I utykalas a nose in his pubic hair. And again the dick from a mouth took out. Na than-to one I wasn't late, alternating various movements and ways of sucking. At one moment I heard Vasya's whisper: "Washing, I already all". He strong squeezed me, muscles at him were reduced and I felt as to me in a mouth flows that-to warm. Slowly sucking, I gathered all his cum in a mouth and at once swallowed. It was necessary only to pinch all that it was necessary and to allow him to have a rest. I raised the head and saw that my guy was in nirvana. His person expressed true pleasures and satisfaction. I saw as he is exhausted. Blowjob gave me an opportunity to sober up and I clearly (as far as it was possible at 2 o'clock night) thought and realized the events.Vaska attracted me to myself and kissed a long and passionate kiss. His hand wandered at me in pants and heard, ka to there all squelches. — What you mokrenkaya — smiled Vaska and entered a finger into a vagina. My turn to get pleasure came. He time behind time entered average and anonymous fingers into a vagina, changing speed. From me groans which I so suppressed a sleeve escaped. Then it concerned a clitoris top slightly sideways and I screamed. There I had a special point with which all body grew dumb, and the brain gave o signals the highest pleasure. Vaska circular movements I concerned this point, an I rushed about in pleasure captivity. These feelings are similar to feeling of an orgasm. — I Want you — my man whispered, continuing to drive a finger between sexual sponges, alternating entering fingers, concerning a treasured point. — Take — I exhaled, and it sounded as entreaty. Vaska took out a hand and I pulled me from a tent. About a fire sat Katka with Vlad and Lenkoy. I joined them, a Vasya went to the forest. — What, isn't slept? — Vlad grinned, being already strongly drunk. He lay on a cover and hands propped up the head. His eyes were rolled up, but he refused to go to sleep. Katka and Lenka just o than-to was stirred. I drank with them still a pile and left to look for Vasku in the forest. As I also assumed, far it in such state couldn't leave, only moved away from our camp and waited for me. I quickly found him and saw that he is ready — on his dick flaunted that-to transparent. He attracted me to himself and kissed, squeezing buttocks. My hand fell by his advantage "in a cover" and began without hurrying nadrachivat. Vaska pulled together from me trousers (which I put on after a twister) and again I started fingers in the pussy. She was such wet. — the Darling, as I want you! With these words he developed me, pressed to a tree and the dick began to enter into a vagina carefully. I on more widely placed legs and bent a back that it was more convenient to him. Vasya began to move in me, gradually gaining speed. I liked to feel in myself his trunk, to feel how it moves and gets rather deeply. In deaf silence only beating of his balls of o my buttocks and my faltering groans was heard. Vaska accelerated and I had to be pressed stronger in a tree — the passion was wild! Then he took out a dick, took off from himself a sweatshirt, threw on the earth, I repeated his movement and laid down on the improvised cover. My man hung from above and again entered me. Feelings absolutely others! I saw as to him it is inconvenient how he sweated, but didn't want to stop. He moved in me, increasing the rate of times behind time. I was confused by neither small insects in a grass, nor birds on trees. I saw and felt only him. I wanted only him. Soon we replaced a pose again. I got up to him a back again, grasped a tree and he began to move with a big speed in me, a my groans were heard likely on all forest. Suddenly Vasya stopped, took out "fighter" and in darkness I saw that the cover turned white. My man the second time terminated and was tumbled down on a grass without forces. I sat down nearby, kissed him a long kiss and took for a hand. It was necessary to return to a tent. It was necessary to sleep it off. Already began to dawn when I at last brought Vasku into a tent and I laid. He really in these several hours lost many forces. I still time kissed it, put the head to it on a breast and failed in darkness.