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The truth, there are also those someone overcome this important boundary of the period of summer hard times when you aren't a school student, but and not the student, not the school student, but yet not the adult. In this funny thing there are pluses and minuses. Of course, it is heavy to force documentary adult young lady to go in a school form, to carry smenku in the faded bag when she can already independently buy Martini and to leave in marriage without the consent of parents, but from other party, communication with young adult children decorates school everyday life. Is, the truth, those someone are afraid to mature and continues, nesmotrya on figures in the passport, to dream o princes on white Mercedes or o insatiable princesses in white lacy linen. That April evening I received in one known social network the following message "E. Д! I long was afraid to write, but now when in one and a half months you are gone from my life forever, I decided. I love you. I love you all and at once. I come to school, thinking o that though on change to pass by your office and to see you! I want you. I want everything and at once that nobody disturbed us. To the devil all these prejudices, all people around! If you know I am smeared with this damned cosmetics from which my face becomes red as tomato that you noticed me. I go on these damned heels from which legs hurt that be a little higher and more attractive you can't answer my words, but know — I love you. And anybody except you". erotic rasskazykonechno, the young teacher of mathematics often should communicate with beautiful and attractive senior pupils who, without hesitating, call to go with them to a musical festival, on a concert of their favourite group, but whatever that was a close relationship always were for me a professional taboo. It children, in the end of the ends which came to your office when 13 — 14 years were it — well what can be love? However, personal life of some seniors was much nasyshchennee mine. I lived in the ordinary rental apartment, earned a little — school salary, a postgraduate grant, tutoring. My pupils and schoolgirls had a rest on Philippines, in Thailand and Greece, exposing quite frank photos in social networks. I had in a class, for example, a girl Masha who met boys of a class with 7-ogo. One even came behind her after lessons by the cheap foreign car Time in a week she, already full age 11-klassnitsa, having long fair-haired hair, the issued breast of the third size, thin slender legs now, spread the photos: in the fitting black bathing suit on which outlines of small nipples were looked through in the thoughtless summer shorts which are hardly covering elastic buttocks and a white short top under which the maiden pink Na bodice the last vacation was seen she had a rest in Cyprus together so the present guy — the student of local faculty of law: photos became even more frank. Na one picture the gentle chubby lips emphasized with bright red lipstick are largely imprinted; on another — kisses vzasos (on it — those light shorts and completely unbuttoned men's shirt under which — fitting, it is dazzling a white bathing suit); on the third — she in that white bathing suit stretches lying in gold pesketakikh in the senior classes there were many girls. No I always held myself in hands: submissively I put likes under such photos and involuntarily I envied others happiness. I left the previous girl long ago, and in present situation appreciated freedom: beer, soccer, night kanalypriznatsya is honest, I long thought that to respond to such recognition. What pedagogichnee — a conversation, a meeting with the psychologist, silence? Several days I thought, but so and didn't find the decision. The letter remained without answer. Pleased that the girl writing him wasn't my schoolgirl, and I hadn't to meet her at lessons. In this silence, official greetings at a meeting in a corridor when it reddened, looking to me in eyes and I tried to hide for backs of girlfriends, there passed one and a half months. I ceased the last call, examinations died down. June went the humble silent gait — children at school weren't, an is the main condition that work of the teacher went effectively: reports were filled out, plans were written, flashed in vanity of days of a meeting. In the middle of month to me it was handed invitations to final evening which had to take place at one of restaurants in a resort zone of our city. The city our small, all best restaurants stand along the local small river. Around them — the pine wood.Nesmotrya that I wanted to go not especially I agreed. To drink and eat on a freebie — what can be more best? Had to celebrate both classes together, and it created for me a certain nervousness: there will be it — the girl who was meekly fallen in love with me, one and a half months ago "wishing me all and at once". I decided that I won't point at it attention: I will come, I will sit, I will congratulate and I will go home with approach of twilight. Me, together with with three teachers — thick bezvozrastnymi women for 50 — brought to restaurant by bus. A solemn part began: delivery of comic awards to children, diplomas to parents, parting words, dances. Time flew quickly as always flies behind expensive cognac, good snack and a talk on a summer terrace. Lamps were lit, and children (though now already it was hardly possible to call them so) went to a photoshoot on the coast of the river. Little girls threw off shoes and, having picked up dresses, ran towards to slow waves and easy summer wind. The boys who carried by with themselves for a holiday traditional Russian alcohol undressed on the coast to pants, dived into water under squeals of girls who shot them with phones. Oleg — the repeater — in general undressed completely and, covering with a palm the main tool, ran in water, having caused enthusiastic shout and schoolmates. I left restaurant and decided to depart in the party to smoke. Around the place where there took place the holiday, there was a small viewing platform from where the charming view of the small river opened. It was possible to go down from this platform to the pine forest framing the coastal line. It was the ideal place to sober up and smoke a little. No as you understand to smoke to me not dalioblokotivshis on a pine, I stood, breathing forest summer air. From the coast to which was meters 100 maiden squeals and a men's laughter — habitual audiosoprovozhdeniye reached any summer evening. Probably, enjoying life, I didn't notice any rustles, silent steps so me nearby. At one moment I was seized by hands and, without having allowed me to tell words, tied up them an adhesive tape behind behind a tree so that I couldn't make even a step to the party. The darkness ko to me left two figures in evening dresses. Ira is the author of that message — I was a little below me growth. Now she was dressed in the black fitting dress which had no top, opening ee shoulders to a breast, and had no bottom, coming to an end behind a strong bottom at once. She was stood by ee the eternal girlfriend Olya dressed in a silk evening dress in a floor near. — If you cry now — Ira began to whisper to me in an ear — we will leave you here and we will tell parents who now lovely drink at restaurant that you dragged us here, began to stick and wanted to rape. She whispered excessively provocatively and already almost completely nestled ko to me. — I waited for one and a half months when at me is a case to show you my love — she said seriously and thoughtfully. — Ne hesitate of Olya, she came so me too to note the beginning of our adult life. — E. Д! We are already adult people: to me already half a year as 18 years, Olya — too, you the adult man Davayte we will please the friend's friend. With these words she opustilasna knees and, having undone jeans, the dick got. — Ne in vain you so are pleasant to me — Ira took him in a hand and the beginnings podrachivat. Olya in this time exempted the breast from a dress and began to rumple ee, looking at the girlfriend. The storm of thoughts in my head didn't give rest: in 100 meters — several dozens of pupils and schoolgirls, in several tens meters — restaurant where their parents and my colleagues have supper. To shout? And what will be? Children will come running, and will see the teacher with the dick on overweight? Parents will come running? Still huzhetem time, Ira bothered to play with my dick which, nesmotrya on terrible nervous tension, foully stood. She rose from knees, made two steps from me. — Olya, help to take off a dress — Ira began to pull a lightning which held ee clothes. Olya having stopped caressing the breast I helped the girlfriend, and in a minute I connected at a tree was faced by the well-groomed brunette with the issued elastic breast. Between the left and right breast I noticed a birthmark which, I admit, did ee even more attractive. Ira was without linen. Ee the pussy was smoothly shaved, legs — equal and thin. Fingers on legs were decorated with expensive pedicure. I noticed that in the party Olya began to undress: ee a breast was slightly less by the size, but but more tightened. ee nipples stood already long ago as also my dick, wishing caress and attention. Olya got out of a dress, and I saw in the bottom of ee of a flat stomach a small narrow path from the black curling hair. Ira suited ko to me, till the end undid a belt and lowered jeans. She carefully took a dick in a mouth and began to immerse him in the warm and moist mouth. She sucked ineptly, obviously for the first time, licking a head and not deciding to take a dick more deeply. She carried out by language on all trunk, a then continued to suck as if the lollipop poured by blood and the itching dick. Olya standing in the party, looked at efforts of the girlfriend, caressing one hand the breast, a second — the pussy. — In vain you didn't answer me at once — Ira told, having come off the dick. — Ne it was necessary to wait for one and a half months. She winked at me and continued to suck with double diligence. Having closed eyes, I didn't notice how so me on knees Olya was near. She carefully took my balls in a warm palm and began to caress them, trying not to disturb Ira. However, during one moment, Olya intercepted an initiative and began to stick a mouth on my dick, having seized me by balls and painfully squeezing them. Olya pushed a dick deeply, business touching a nose my pubis. She squeezed a throat, accepting a dick, twisted language, the dick in a mouth rolled. I felt that I won't be able to sustain this torture any more. — I will terminate now — my words escaped what-to rattle. Olya was put on a dick till the end, having nestled a nose and having squeezed a throat. I began to cum, without daring to utter not a sound: then on my shouts and groans both children, and parents came running. Freedom of the movement was held down by an adhesive tape too. It was necessary to focus on feelings: summer night, and your dick is discharged in a warm gentle mouth of the beautiful young girl Ira pushed away the girlfriend and the dick to herself inserted into a mouth, having begun to lick him slowly. Some time we were silent. The experienced feelings, an opportunity to be overtaken, didn't allow me to publish a sound. We panted. — A could be engaged on an open classroom already long ago — Ira cheerfully told, smearing several droplets of a cum on the breast. — Or you will tell what wasn't pleasant to you?