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"Judging by taste in a mouth, probably I managed even to gorge on shit" — she thought with what-to indifference and suddenly I understood that and tried to obtain it from her. To carry out everything, absolutely. And to guzzle shit probably too entered preparation — Recovered? Tell thanks to madam Senke. In time she appeared in time. Otherwise this silly woman would drown you — the servant nodded on Kira rolling in otklyuchke. Nata with work rose and focused a look. Kira so also lay, having turned in knees and having stretched legs, only now ee of a hand were held down by handcuffs. Ne what-nibud toys with fur, a wide, rusty pieces of iron, with a heavy chain on three links between them. Na any case Kira's hair were reeled up as time between handcuffs on a chain that at all desire wouldn't allow her to wave hands. The servant threw a hose. — Get up, it seems I washed you. Madam Senka ordered to allocate for Cyrus in the cam and to have fun with her as follows. Then you are free till the morning. — the servant touched the broken lips and having turned to Kira put her blow with a shoe sock directly in a perineum. Kira probably so also didn't regain consciousness and therefore didn't follow reaction. Natella having sighed it was rolled on knees, I took a hose and rinsed a mouth. Then with pleasure I got drunk. especially for — Generally so it is impossible to do, but so and to be, I won't put you Try to pee then as you will only want. If you obossyshsya at the client — you the end. Well, you will try to tell that swallowed in a settler Give, undertake a leg, dragged. This pizda was probably cut down at all. Natella rose by legs, reeling on heels, I walked and I grasped Kira by the right leg: — I am Nata. How you are called? — — Nipple. As you understand, it not the real name, but now I am called so — the girl sighed, grasped the second leg and they dragged Kira along a corridor. — It is possible to ask where we are? You long ago here? — — Long ago Ne I remember — the Nipple still time touched a free hand the injured full lips. — Hurts, pancake Here of a bough of A we are the Devil him knows. There is no place to run from here precisely. Rumors went that some managed to escape and hide somewhere in a complex, but these are only rumors. Skoree it is possible to leave with what-nibud client, but it is rare. I hope for development of days. It is difficult to earn them and to lose easily With you I will try to be. You are lucky, I gave to the master and already two madams released you from reception — — Nothing to themselves released Albyn me Shamboru gave and dipped in shit. If not you — I drown — — Ne — pomotala the Nipple head. — Madam Senka ordered to pull out you, just she should have departed far away not to be soiled. Therefore I only pressed the button. Here give. — Girls turned at the revealed thick door so cones familiar to Nata for insertion of a breast with keys - needles. — This, a to us will be possible to leave then? Ne there was a wish to open boobs of a door again — — Quietly. We now in other status. I hope. — Girls podnalegli also dragged Kira through an aperture, having struck ee of-headed o a threshold. Then the Nipple lowered from a ceiling a chain with a hook and brought up Kira by the held-down hands up. Behind with a rustle the pentahedral frame left and the Nipple began to fix extremities of the victim in the machine. — What we with her will do? — by the trembled voice Nata asked. — This is in general my best friend. I was — — Everything that you want. Though to pull out heart. To kill everything equally it won't turn out — the Nipple removed the panel from a locker and directed him to Kira. — Why? I that-to I don't understand — — Probably that-to in blood or in that slime that we are stuffed by Nanoparticles what-nibud. I don't know. I somehow communicated with one fizichkoy from the two thousand second here, beautiful baben was though and for thirty. Here it spoke. — — A where she now? — — She was lucky, I found to myself the dad and I pulled off from here. To clever women it is good probably. It to us, stupid holes it is necessary to hope for a miracle that mister will like yours pizda, a not whose-to else Missile defense of the Master it is possible and not to dream. — — He fucked me, suggested to drink even and disappeared then while I pinched his cum from a floor — — Here I about that and I speak. There would be you poumnee, can started a conversation or that. A so Took, swallowed, went Eh, me to your place. I with the Master wasn't to time of IOJ would hook than. It is an absolute exit All him here from here. Even we. —