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Our sexual life became more boring and more rare, and I decided to restore former passion and inclination. I read a lot of useful articles of sexologists and psychologists on improvement and return of former feelings. From all variety I noted and chose a technique of sexual games and gradually caused interest in the spouse in development of our feelings and desires on means of this technique. Through half of year we already together invented juicy plots and scenarios and so passion got used to roles and embodied them in our sexual life. Carefully studied all trifles of various role games, even bought in sex a shop a dildo which became the frequent participant of our dissolute orgies. That we only not vytvoryaliobyazatelno before the beginning in details pronounced a plot of the upcoming sexual game. I didn't even suspect how many new emotions and feelings it is possible to receive if strongly to want. In my bedroom was now two men (if it is so possible to be expressed), well or two dicks and they gave me the doubled pleasure! Thanks to me our sexual life got better, and we didn't represent it already without our games. Once I wanted to feel myself the victim, and we played rape, the husband caught for me in the park and is rigid otimel as to him will take in head applying even force, I escaped and even began to cry as far as got used to a role. He tumbled down me the person down on a grass and sharply entered behind, having pulled hard all body and squeezing ladonyu to me a mouth that I couldn't shout, to me it was even rather sore, but and I on the present experienced exciting ecstasy from the events. He made several fast and deep movements in mine still not to the so ready pussy and so sharply pulled out and the dick to the back thrust to me. I howled from sharp pain and surprise, having forgotten about a game I tried to escape, but his dick impudently and at once squeezed at all length and earned in my buttocks, not ready to such actions, several powerful pushes and a warm stream poured out to me between buttocks on the burning and pulsing anus ringlet. Having squeezed out several more portions he the dick smeared them to me on buttocks, jumped and escaped, an I so and remained to lie on a grass with the naked back and a cum on him. Only in a minute I understood as it was strongly made horney then, my fingers laid down on buttocks smearing on her already cooled down seed, several movements on a clitoris sticky fingers and me shook in an orgasm. It is a lot of different plots and scenarios we thought out and executed then in the bedroom and not only. Once I wanted to stay in a role of the prostitute that I was removed on the street, brought to a sauna used at the discretion. I wanted to feel myself the bought thing which is completely submitting to "client". I wanted to feel myself as the dirty corrupt maid. We agreed that the husband will remove a sauna and will send for me the taxi to the agreed place to a bus stop where I have to stand in frankly provocatively is dressed in agreed time. The taxi driver had to receive exact instructions into the account of my appearance and the place where I have to stand and bring me to him. We chose time about nine in the evening. The husband had to be late at work and at once from go to order a sauna, a there I this day was at home, has to be prepared and stand on a stop in agreed time. During a lunch I was already ready, washed and several time tried on a dress. There was enough time till the evening and I decided to sweep to the stipulated stop to look where it and just to walk in my new dress (painfully I liked the fitting shorts, high heels and a revealing blouse). That more that my many contemporaries envy my tightened figure which I strenuously watch, refusing to itself plentiful food and straining though and not strengthened, but all regular loadings. Where that about four hours I found the necessary stop in the general and getting used to a role, examined vicinities. Around there were few people and it was even a little a pity for me that not to someone to take a look at me. Suddenly directly ko to me the taxi car approached, the window opened and the driver asked: do you work? I very much was surprised, time was still too early! No automatically I began to nod the head and I approached the car. The driver unperturbably continued: in a sauna the order, you will go? I began to nod the head again, but continued to stand without moving. The taxi driver bent and opened a door inviting to sit down. I sat down forward having thrown a leg on a leg and showing to the young guy slender legs. He detained on them a look and it seemed to me even gave smacking kiss language, allowing to understand that were pleasant. We started and the car quickly rushed for the city. In fifteen minutes gave a ride to me to a lodge on the outskirts of the city with not striking sign "sauna pool" and the driver pointed to a door with a smile having told: to you there. I smiled too and languidly stretched: thanks! I went out of the car and without closing a door behind myself I defiled ko to an entrance strongly wagging hips. I already got used to a role and played with pleasure. The taxi driver looked to me in a trace and didn't hurry to leave until I came inside. I already liked a game and I was made horney from the events. From a corridor I got to a locker room where for me "requisite" — a sheet and bedroom-slippers was prepared. I undressed, accepted a shower and decided to grease to myself buttocks with the lubricant taken with itself at once completely to correspond to the heroine ready for everything for "client". Having prepared I wrapped around myself a sheet, so that she only kept on my breast and hardly covered a pubis completely opening my slender legs. I looked at myself in a mirror and remained is happy with what was seen. Behind a door the splash in water was heard, probably the husband dived into the pool. I opened a door from a locker room and entered the room with the small pool. On the middle there was a covered table with a bottle of cognac and snack! Oho, about it the husband told nothing to me! I approached a table until it blazdayetsya, and filling to myself a liqueur glass I turned to the pool. From what was seen I dropped a glass on a floor, to happiness a floor was wooden and it didn't break. Water left absolutely not the familiar man, yes to that absolutely naked! From his smile, a more precisely than a grin I slowly lowered eyes to his dick which dangled from the party in the party so far his owner got out on a short flight of stairs of the pool. I stood ready to fall in a faint, in a throat the lump got stuck, legs slowly became wadded and I hardly kept on them. My consciousness dimmed and refused to accept reality, I just silently stood and stared at a small not horney penis, the man took it for a smile and stretched: well water that cool! maybe you will correct? He suited ko to me and inconsiderately climbed a hand from below under a sheet, having taken my buttock in a palm and slightly squeezed her, a his fingers gently but persistently walked between my halves, having slipped on sexual sponges and on an anus ringlet. I regained consciousness, strongly squeezed buttocks and uttered indistinctly: a where Sergey? Even and without having thought to be discharged, his finger with might and main already slid on the greased hole and again fell below to foully to the moisturized entrance to a vagina. The man rounded eyes and stretched: oho! Yes you are already ready all! I also didn't meet it to time. Then he remembered a question and continuing to rumple my back answered: what Sergey? No Sergey exists here, but there is Dimon. And he lifted up a chin as what the Roman emperor also continued that: No don't worry everything it will be more best than you think. A hundred part in an hour normally? I stood and was enough with a mouth air as fish on sand, the lump in a throat didn't allow to say not a sound. What I am a silly woman! As I could, absolutely forget about time and get into this taxi! The man came off my back and having taken on a nape hair in a palm, to Read further nadavil on the head not strongly, but persistently sending me down. I thought nothing and didn't manage even to consider actions, my legs were turned in and I was on knees a person before his peacefully dangling dick. He, took him a hand and put to my lips, the second hand for hair attracted my head to the dick. Not to fall to a floor absolutely I grabbed his hips and understood that his dick already in my mouth. I closed lips and absolutely unconsciously and without understanding anything began to suck. In the head the thought flashed — now I to him will suck away, he will terminate and I will leave. His body quickly began to grow at me in a mouth, I already helped a both hands caressing a trunk at the basis and its balls. I forgot someone I am and as here it appeared, and just I did blowjob to the unfamiliar person as was able, so all passion and virtuosity. I soaked up his dick in the throat caressing thus him still and language and he released my hair and moaned. I also didn't think to come off begun, and just continued to do blowjob, I was absorbed by action and o of the situation ceased to think. No Bede doesn't come one and as it appeared, it was yet not the most terrible. The door in a locker room opened and someone-to entered to us. I stood with the dick in a mouth, being afraid to turn not only, an even to take out it. Me strongly shook for fear, I as as if regained consciousness anew from a dream. A moment of catalepsy and I jumped on legs, and saw in doors one more man with a towel on hips who closed an exit in a locker room to a key. I incoherently pushed hands, twirled the head and muttered: not, not, not. That to someone I "didn't complete" blowjob painfully seized me by a hand and strictly told: give calm down, I will weave for an hour from everyone, for couple of hours four hundred dollars. And still tell what with two to time didn't try? Ne we will believe. He looked with a smile to me in eyes and continued: well be a clear head. And we then won't offend. Da Lioch? He nodded to the friend, and that answered: of course we won't offend, you continue, an I will plunge so far. And Lyokha having thrown off a towel, I dived into the pool. Dima without releasing my hand I flopped on a sofa and I pulled me to continue begun. I obediently fell before him by knees and beggarly looked at him from below, in hope that all it was the joke and it could be stopped. No he took my palm and put it on the dick, then a big finger ran over my lips, and having slightly opened him the mouth pushed it there. I held slightly opened a mouth, he several time a finger slipped an in him, specifying that I have to continue, and from these movements I was spread by the strongest excitement, in the bottom of a stomach "zaporkhali butterflies". I slightly squeezed la a trunk of his dick in a palm and bared his head having shifted on her a thin skin down. Dima a finger pressed on a lower lip, opening my mouth is wider, an I obeyed him, looking from below in his eyes the scared, but already languid look. I began to understand that I up to ears walked smack and tried to find though what нибудь an exit from this situation. My intuition prompted that so far they both not otymeyut also won't terminate me, to me not to leave anywhere. The brain already adopted rules of absolutely others game, an a body still resisted — the small shiver all amplified and I couldn't do anything with her. Dima stroked me on the head and so the words "well to you it will be good, we won't offend you, I pledge the word" put the palm on mine again and operating her, the dick to my opened mouth directed. I not consciously began to submit to him, hardly concerning, closed lips on a head, an a uvula so hardly concerning, carried out on a bridle to a hole on her vershinke. Dima it is hardly heard I moaned. Having made a small pause, a language tip I pressed on a small hole on vershinke heads and sucking played to her. The man went into eyes and opened a mouth from a high. Also I began to pass a fright, already so I continued by passion the blowjob begun by me. I delayed his drawn-in balls down, playing palms them, a fingers tried to grope and caress the basis of the dick which as it is possible more deeply pushed through to itself in a throat. My husband long never maintained such caress and I hoped for the fast final and my present partner. I groaned and gave smacking kiss, already from the ecstasy from what Dima hard and falteringly began to breathe almost at once. Wet hands of his friend laid down on my buttocks. I moved so groan and desire to be discharged, but Dima grabbed my hair and persistently pressed on a nape, inserting me into a mouth the dick even more deeply. By a part of deep blowjob I consider myself the real pro and it to me didn't bring any discomfort, I only convulsively swallowed saliva from what Dima felt a bigger pleasure. Lyosha already drove the dick on my sexual lips, smearing the lubricant which is plentifully flowing from me. My legs small shivered with fear and strong excitement, and I understood that already absolutely inevitably I will be fucked. And suddenly strongly I wanted that the man behind inserted at last to me a dick somewhat quicker. Legs were spread, the back was curved, the back slightly rose inviting to actions. And he didn't force to wait long, Lyosha set with a strong sharp push to me on the balls. I involuntarily published loud groan, having pulled out at last Dima's dick from a mouth, but not tearing off it from lips. Lyosha twisted hips as poudobnee suiting the friend in me from what I moaned more loudly and when he began movements again Dima's dick on the most possible depth soaked up. Dima loudly exhaled and I felt a warm stream at myself in a throat, not in a mouth in the gullet! Dima's hands pressed on my nape, without allowing me to exempt a throat from a dick which was vomited to me directly in a throat. I had it for the first time, even I so was afraid to do to the husband. Several portions joined, passing a mouth, directly in a stomach. Na a moment I was frightened that I will choke, but on surprise didn't even choke. Dima weakened a pressure and I instinctively slightly discharged the head, having pulled out his dick from a throat, so that his head appeared in my language, it still pulsed, squeezing out the next portions to me in a mouth, an I convulsively swallowed of his cum, already itself without pressure continuing to suck. A behind me his friend widely fucked, strongly squeezing my hips and the back. Ne taking out Dima's dick, I opened a mouth and groaned in a step of his blows. I absolutely forgot someone has me behind also someone only that terminated to me in a mouth, a just got pleasure. Suddenly Alexey sharply left me and almost jerked for hair developing the person to the dick. I wasn't ready to such turn and not at once thought in what business and the powerful stream of a seed struck to me in a face, I grabbed Lyoshin the dick with a hand and lips at the same time, and so as at Dima exhausted swallowing from him of a portion after portion, helping to be discharged completely to the second man. Both hard breathing the man stretched polulyozha on a sofa, an I stood on knees and shivered all body, @-whether from a fright, @-whether from excitement and even forgot to erase traces of their rough orgasm from a face and lips. Thoughts of release began to force out excitement from my head, but not from a body! My pussy only warmed by several movements burned and was eager for continuation. I sat and struggled with dirty desire to continue this debauchery, and even men seemed to me already quite nice, strongly made horney me and not less strongly these desires frightened. Dima the first regained consciousness and almost moaned: pour to us to drink that-liya rose trying to be wrapped in a sheet which was broken from me by Alexey, but both men in eager rivalry waved hands and hissed on me: not, not, so resemble please. Such beauty shouldn't be hidden. And Dima stepped a leg on a sheet, without giving me an opportunity to lift her. Covering a breast with a hand I accepted on myself a role of the waitress and the shivering hands tried to pour to them a glass. Men luxuriated several more minutes and too approached a table. They drank, having offered also me, but I refused and shy asked: maybe I will go? No they specified for hours: forty minutes of all passed! One and a half more hour and all we will go, we on the train, a you where want! And Dima took me for a hand and attracted to himself seating on a knee. I as weak-willed implicitly obeyed. His dick peacefully hung after an orgasm. He tenderly stroked my elastic buttocks, a flat tummy and not big, to Read further → but a beautiful breast, and his dick as it seemed to me, slightly began to bulk up. His fingers groped a ringlet of my anus which I imprudently greased before an entrance to them, I thought that I to the husband go. The finger lingered on an entrance, pressed and with ease slipped inside on one phalanx. I tried to be discharged softly, but Dima blinked the eyes and stretched: to an uuu, you, for us prepared everything, we didn't try a. I wanted to get up from his knees, but he was tumbled down on a back seating me from above on the already slightly strengthened dick so words: well, the beauty, help him to get into you. I again slightly began to shake for nervousness or from excitement, and the shivering hands sent already poured it, but not absolutely firm dick to myself to a damp pussy. Alexey though made only couple of movements in me, but fire of desire managed to light everything and now my pussy bulked up and foully flowed, wishing to catch a dick in itself again, and this desire was stronger than all fears now. I took a hand Dimin body and surely sent his head to myself, he easily slipped inside and I felt at once as he quickly gets stronger from my hot flesh. I slowly moved, curving a back and allowing to enjoy the body as visually, so and taktilno, an itself enjoyed movements of the dick inside. I closed eyes and quietly moaned in a step of immersion of already firm body in the bosom. A breath — I stand up, exhaled so groan — I sit down. I shuddered and stood, with the fact that Alexey with noise removed a table. He approached behind and easily, almost without resistance thrust to me a finger in well greased buttocks. I got nervous, trying to escape and come off with Diminogo of the dick, but his strong hands seized me by buttocks and strongly pressed, sticking on a dick. He exhaled having sighed and told: "yes it is silent you as as if for the first time, it will be good, the beauty!" And after these words it clasped me with one hand for a neck and pressed to itself(himself). I sat on his dick with zadranoy a bottom, is strong clasped by it and not in forces even to move, an only began to whimper when Alexey began to drive the head on my foully revealing hole. He tried to insert the dick helping him a hand, me to the back. Ne at once, but everything he managed it, the head of his yet not horney dick slid between the moved apart buttocks on a hole of an anus and gradually became firm and suddenly from the next pressing sharply failed from what I loudly sobbed. He stopped for a moment, allowing me to get used, and set at all length. I blinked from small but sweet pain and quietly moaned. Dima kissed me on an ear and whispered: "well here the good girl, it will be good now, yes?" I ceased to groan and just panted, my hands embraced, strongly squeezing a male back under me. Dima accurately took me for hips and stretched my buttocks in the parties so lovami: "well here I see already and well!" Andrey clasped me behind for a waist and carefully began movements. I so also didn't begin to open eyes, an only seized Dima stronger and having nestled all body on him, hard began to breathe in a step: the breath with silent groan — when the dick enters buttocks, exhaled — when leaves. Through couple of minutes I already moved the back towards to Lyoshiny movements, being stuck by a pussycat on Dimin the dick at the same time stronger. A set of times the husband had my holes with faloimitatorom, representing that it is the second partner, but I also didn't think that I will be had by two strangers on the present. I entered a passion and already rushed about between them all look showing that I was had stronger and more rigidly. I wanted to feel myself the whore, here and received yes much more, than even dreamed. Two men at the same time hollowed my holes in the most dissolute way, an I groaned as the last whore and bestyzhe made upward movement him the bum. From understanding of the events the head was turned and all body the small shiver beat. Now in the head there was only one thought — still, still and still. I wanted that this debauchery didn't come to an end. And it proceeded, in a step, not in a step, but two dicks tore up the whore, the whore shouted from pleasure! Dima the first was curved, seized my hips, trying stronger to press me to himself and so groan began to fill in my pussy with the seed. I felt the warm streams inside which are mixing up with my allocations. Alexey strengthened movements, his dick took off from my anus, and without giving him to a ringlet even to be closed flew back at all length, completely filling with himself my buttocks. Several blows and he so seized my hips pulling my bum on the exploded dick who Alexey tried poglubzhe to set to me, turning the hips. Both dicks in me pulsed, squeezing out from themselves all juice. I lacked probably minute too not to terminate with him. I didn't move trying to stretch the pleasure, I didn't want to break our sandwich and to release both dicks from the holes heated to a limit. My breath gave the strongest excitement and men didn't hurry to bring the tired animals out of minks, not for the sake of me, of course, a for the sake of the pleasure, an I enjoyed it using a situation. In a minute Alexey the first slipped from me on a sofa, having collapsed on him with the moved apart legs, his body hanged down having a rest and gleaming lubricant. Dima caressed me on a back and buttocks until his dick himself became soft and fell out of my pussy. They reclined on a sofa with the dicks shining from allocations, an again I slipped on a floor and panted, I lacked several minutes to a discharge my flesh with pleasure ached, huge desire fingers was to touch a clitoris, but I only panted watching the satisfied males, a more precisely their sexual bodies which fulfilled on glory. At this moment I very much wanted, to catch any of them and to suck until he gets stronger again again to push to itself him in the back that he fucked me long and strongly, an is more best two odnovremennono again, I was frightened of the desire and lowered a look. Men descended in a steam room, plunged into the pool and began to gather, an I so and sat on a floor near a sofa, each my movement was given by sweet waves below. I heard from a locker room: "hey beauty! Money at you on clothes, the taxi driver will bring us and will arrive for you in about thirty minutes. So far. "They left, an I got into the pool and relaxed until me the taxi driver shouted, an impudent ugly face having squeezed into the slightly opened door. I slowly got out of the pool and quietly passed by it in a locker room, it with an open mouth looked at my moist body until I banished him in the car to wait. He brought me to that stop as time in time and as only I drove off, other car, on this time from my husband approached. The taxi driver told that he for me (as we also agreed) and brought me to other sauna already to the husband who played a role of the client. I tried to accompany him as could and wanted to make everything as we with him planned, but didn't endure, fell before him by knees, his dick brought into a fighting rack, laid down a breast on a table and asked to fuck my back at once. He began to insert slowly into me a dick and when his head only began to move apart a sphincter ringlet, I was quickly and strongly stuck on him, showing that the care isn't necessary to me. He began movements with comments: you have oooo so much lubricant there! If it knows that there for lubricant! I wanted stronger and stronger, I forgot the role and put fingers on a clitoris. It had my bum, an it squelched the cum left there by Alexey, and only I knew that publishes this sound and from understanding of the dirt and depravity I lost communication with reality. My orgasm covered me with powerful waves, I growled as an animal and fell a breast to a table without feelings. My husband had several more minutes my become soft body until at last I terminated and poured in the cum to my back, having added a fresh portion to the remains of my today's debauchery. I had to explain to him that I became overexcited from our game and it was scattered in gratitude for a wonderful orgasm, house an I showed to the husband the perfected technology of deep blowjob, having allowed to be discharged in the throat