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Girls were, of course, but further appointments kisses business didn't reach and not in it an essence. I think, it isn't necessary to tell that at this age there is a strong wish for sex therefore I liked to watch a porn and to dream (to jerk off, is shorter). Once her girlfriend neighbor paid to mother a visit. We, as usual, greeted and she passed to the apartment, and I returned to the computer. They sat stirred, had tea, and then went to a balcony. I switched off the personal computer and came into the living room - through it it was possible to come to a balcony. There was a summer, a heat. Therefore it was dressed quite easily: bridges of sports style hardly fitted her smart, round bottom, and from above on it there was a weightless jacket on a naked body showing her big breasts with large nipples. I stood with such show and shamelessly, greedy considered her. They turned to me a back and now I could contemplate only her buttocks. She wasn't model appearance: 45 years, the blonde with hair of average length, average growth, is slightly plump, the stomach was distinctly visible, the breast drooped under own weight a little (still, the 4th size as as). Excitement was instant and amplified. I on the automatic machine sat down on a sofa and pretended that I watch TV though, actually, I continued to look at her wide back and slowly began to rumple a dick to which there was not enough place in shorts. So passed a couple of minutes, I understood that I immediately should terminate, otherwise I will just explode, and went to a toilet. Having made "business", I left and sat down at a computer in hope will calm down a little. It turned out at me badly, but I nevertheless overcame myself. From that day I literally got sick with her: she dreamed me, dreaming, I presented her to all known to me for that time poses. I tried to drive away from myself thoughts of her, but my youthful interior firmly held the ground – you want her as any another. My father worked in other city and mother often left to him, and I remained one at this time. Somehow time I accidentally opened a notebook where parents wrote down phone numbers just in case and found her number. The brain earned, I couldn't resist it and didn't want. Having hammered number into mobile, I decided to write SMS. I touched a heap of options and as a result I stopped on the following: "Aunts of Ir, we need to talk to you urgently. Mischa". I pressed "to Send" and with fear I began to wait for the answer which long didn't keep itself waiting: "What happened? I will come to you after 10 today. Will arrange?". I answered that it is really important and time suits me. On hours there were only 2 o'clock in the afternoon so within the next 8 hours I slowly but surely went crazy – nervousness was enormous. I thought even the speech to myself to write, but then I decided that I will just tell it as it is. At the beginning of the 11th the call to a door was distributed, I shuddered and uncertain gait went to open. It was she in a house dressing gown and accurately set hair: "Hi, - she softly told". Having greeted, I gesture invited her to pass. She sat down in a chair: "Tell that there at you. The girl is pregnant perhaps?". "No, not in it business, - I in embarrassment answered". "Then, what happened? You frighten me!". "I want to admit to you … that, well … you are pleasant to me … as the woman". "What for nonsenses? Tell what occurred: I swear, mother doesn't learn". "About it I also wanted to talk to you … To me it is very heavy, I understand that it looks as ravings of a madman, but … I want you". "Stop, I to you am old enough to be the mother, especially you are a handsome guy – for certain not one little girl is lovesick on you". "They to me are uninteresting. I constantly think of you". "Yes you that? Calm down, these are hormones, it will pass over time. We can have nothing". With these words she went to a door. I tried to stop her: I embraced her, she tried to slip out, and my hands appeared on her appetizing bottom which I right there reflex squeezed – it was something. And she nevertheless was released from my clumsy hands, and left … It was a shame to me and it is terrible, appear, that it is already the end that I spoiled everything … Next day I apologized to her, she understood me and told that I am still young and everything at me will be excellent. And again the fight period with itself began: it persistently didn't want to leave my head, but I suffered. In few months, being fairly tipsy, having come home and having undressed, I decided to write to it that I can't stop thinking about her that I go crazy from desire and that she is very best. This time at us dialogue turned out, we frankly talked about my private life (whether I have a girl whether there was a sex, etc.). It told that all this is wrong that I to her as the son and that she won't be able just to live with all this if oversleeps with me. Now I already reacted quietly and adduced "arguments": nobody learns, I will make everything to be with her, etc. Having so talked to 3 mornings, we said goodbye. After a while I began to write her again, was interested as I put her, than is engaged, etc. The contact was come: we for hours communicated about everything and about anything. I few times hinted that I want bigger, but she coquettishly refused to me, than only stirred my interest until once she responded to my next offer "to meet" supposedly I don't know, and suddenly it will be pleasant to me. Here I understood that I do everything correctly, and you shouldn't reduce speed. Gradually we began to communicate also on more frank subjects: that, it is pleasant to someone in sex, etc. Time even had a cybersex by phone. I held the ground, offered and offered, so far, at last, she didn't give out: "Will you invite to an appointment?". I answered in the affirmative, chose day, time and the place (at me at 11 in the evening). Since morning I went to shop and bought fruit, wine, chocolate and … condoms just in case. In the late afternoon I set the table and began to wait. Nervousness was intolerable, and I decided to go to vanish a little with friends – not especially helped. About a half 11 I came back home, without 15 SMS came: "All in force?". I answered that yes. In 11 called a door – I knew someone it. Having opened, I was stupefied: I was faced by her in a white suit, with a make-up and a hairstyle. On her face the smile shone: "Hi, to you it is possible?". "It is necessary! - crafty I told". We sat down on a sofa, before us there was a coffee table which I as could, served all the fact that I bought. The conversation went easily and easy, alcohol reduced tension and nervousness. In parallel the TV worked against the background of, there advertizing just began. The awkward pause hung: "Ir, is possible I you I will kiss? - I interrupted her". She answered so: "Don't ask about such things …". I understood it as a guide to action and I stretched to her. She slightly turned away, and my kiss had her in a cheek, it amused me and I continued: I embraced her and annoyingly I began to look for her lips, she still some time "was twisted", but nevertheless gave up – we merged in a hot and passionate kiss. It was fine, through my body as if there passed electric discharge. My hands slowly laid down on her breast and I began to squeeze slowly it – the groan in reply was heard. Consciousness grew dull, I already safely squeezed it: the stomach, hips, took from under a jacket of her boob, and greedy kissed them … She accidentally put the hand on my reared dick and began to caress slightly it fingers – here my turn to groan already came. Excitement was improbable, and my hand on the automatic machine stretched to her bosom and slightly massed it. So passed minutes 10 until it stopped me: "Take your time, let's take rest and we will a little breathe – I feel hot". I, of course, was minds, but showed no sign. We came to a balcony, I approached her behind and embraced her, having nestled the dick on her soft bottom, and hands caressing her breast and a tseluyasheyka. She bulged the back to experience all my excitement, and moaned, panting. Her hand unexpectedly got to me into pants and grabbed the dick, ready to fight, for a long time: she caressed him, slightly squeezed, played with balls, and was out of itself from pleasure. I whispered: "Went to the bedroom". She agreed. We passed, she asked to turn on light music and we laid down. I with greed and some frenzy caressed her – my desire obviously was stronger than me. I undid her blouse, and took her boobs from a brassiere: I squeezed them, fingered nipples which strongly increased in sizes and became similar to small cherries, a uvula licked them, sucked and bit, she loudly groaned. My eregirovanny dick rested her against a pubis and touched her hips. Suddenly she sharply turned me on a back and released my friend from short and pants one graceful movement and began him to podrachivat slightly: I stroked him, slightly I scratched a marigold, sharply I squeezed and I released him, I caressed her buttocks and a breast at this time – we just coiled. I got to her into panties but she stopped me, having told that you shouldn't hurry. Certainly, I long couldn't tolerate such caress and excitement affected – I violently terminated her in a hand, and she continued to caress already with smaller intensity slowly falling down dick. Soon she went to the bathroom, washed hands and returned. I was made horney again, and she took my dick in a hand again. I asked: "Why don't we try something more serious?". She answered that she can't today – she has menses, I so understood. There were about 4 mornings and we agreed for tomorrow. In the afternoon we were thrown by couple of SMS from which only one was clear: both of us want sex. In the evening already I came to her, she let in me and we set to work at once: the sofa was spread out, on her there was a dressing gown on a naked body. Kisses, strokings, fast undressing of each other and I already appeared on a lap at her divorced legs a little shivering from passion and excitement. I began to kiss slowly her knees, hips and rose above and above, sometimes connecting a uvula – my mistress responded slightly squeezed and muffled groans. At last, I reached her pussy: what hot and wet she was; her smell stupefied and attracted me stronger than any magnet; I nestled to her, began to kiss her, paying special attention to vulvar lips, a clitoris and entrance to a vagina. She already loudly groaned, her legs reflex were moved apart, clenched, she often also panted, and loudly groaned: "You are my good girl, My God, as well, don't stop, da-a-a-a, here so …". In minutes 5 it terminated – was curved by an arch, strongly cramped hips and screamed … All her body shivered, she incoherently boromotat something … Having recovered, she whispered: "Enter me!". The second time wasn't necessary to ask me: I got up from knees, parted her hips more widely, took the stone dick in a hand and thrust it. There it was so wet that my fighter just slipped on vulvar lips and … failed in the hot, pulsing and damp chasm. We at the same time moaned and I began to move gradually in it. It was extremely pleasant: her pussy with pleasure accepted my dick and gently caressed him each section. By inexperience I "included the 1st space", and with a force the her at all length drove her, and she to me made upward movement and hands forced to get each time more and more deeply. She so loudly and with pleasure groaned that I was unable to stop or reduce speed, and told: "I will terminate now!". On what she screamed: "Cum, cum in me!", the Brain didn't work, I forgot about everything and terminated literally in a couple of minutes after the beginning of our action. I was in the 7th sky, vspryskivat in it the cum, and she squeezed my dick muscles of the vagina at this time. It is simply inexpressible, I turned the head. Having lain down so a couple of minutes, I with a characteristic squelch unwillingly left it and went to a shower to wash the fighter, she followed there right after I returned.