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Some boxes needed to be put to the certain room, and it led to show to her loader who is responsible for goods. — Chto-nibud still is necessary? — she asked, having stopped telling and having transferred papers. — Yes — the man answered. — I need the copy of this consignment note. A still I want to fuck you. Turn the back and lean the elbows o a table if it agrees. At Trisha inside all it was stirred up. She lost a speech gift. — You you is serious? — Absolutely — his look was firm and full of confidence. Itself without knowing as to justify it, Trisha turned a back to the loader. At her long ago was nobody, and the perineum just lit up from this mandative tone. The yard Na there was a summer therefore on her there was a skirt without tights. The man approached her, lifted up skirt floors, and pulled together with the sharp movement from the girl her panties. Having moved apart buttocks, he carried out by fingers along the become wet sexual lips and a clitoris, having grinned such readiness of the chippy, and implanted a big finger into a wet vagina. At Trisha filched breath. She dared to move. Through couple of moments, she felt at an entrance to the vagina already got up dick — probably, he got up even before her consent. Ne waiting for the additional invitation, the loader began to fuck the girl sharply. Through the gusty breath mixed so by groans she hardly uttered: — I accept tablets So that So that you Can cum in me. The man used it here, and lowered a hot cum in the girl. Trisha hardly resisted on legs from pleasure and pleasant feeling of a cum inside. No it was superfluous. — Get up on knees — having slightly been out of breath, the loader ordered. Trisha obeyed. — Suck away to me. Trisha took the dick smeared with a cum which was to a floor in hands - is horney, and then clasped him with lips. At first uncertainly, she licked a head, a then began to be stuck more and more deeply though the dick entirely couldn't swallow. On her person her saliva flew down. At last, the seed was cast out from the dick again, filling in the girl's mouth. — Swallow — and again of this command voice. Though she didn't love taste of a cum and always spat out it, she executed the order and even got pleasure — skoree not from taste, a from submission. The loader began to put on quickly. The girl continued to sit on a floor, all smeared with a cum. — I am, by the way, Jeremy. Tomorrow I will come so the friend. Also I left her one. Trisha's heart was often clogged. It with her wasn't. At last, she got damp napkins from a handbag, was wiped, and returned to work. Na the next day Trisha appeared in that room again. As spoke to Jeremy, he came not one. His friend was called Michael. He appraisingly inspected the girl. — And it is your whore? — he threw to the friend as if disappointedly. — you try A. — Well that — he undid the trousers and the dick got. — Will you suck away to me? Trisha approached here, full of determination, and fell by knees. In this time she sucked diligently, massing balls, and the erection didn't force itself to wait. — Give also to me — discontentedly I stretched to Jeremy. He approached Trichet and took off from her a jacket together with a brassiere, and began to rumple her breasts. — All right — Michael released the girl, and before her person there was the second dick. She undertook him here. Here she felt as her skirt behind rises and panties are removed. In a moment she was already fucked in a pizda. She continued to be stuck by a mouth on a dick, and felt herself the real whore. Her it was pleasant. Two times Jeremy and Michael changed in places and at what-to moment Michael moved apart the girl's buttocks, massing an anal opening. — No! — she screamed. — In sense isn't present? — the man was surprised. — I always fuck in an anal. — I am Trisha's voice slightly I began to tremble. She already had an anal sex, but now she wasn't washed away inside and they even had no lubricant that frightened her. — I am not ready today. The loader grinned. — Well it is fine, on tomorrow then be prepared. The girl began to nod the head in the sign of consent.Men in turn finally lowered it in a mouth and quickly gathered. In doors they threw: — And yes, us will be three tomorrow. Having left from work, Trisha all thought o the fact that she will be tomorrow. Four together at her never was. a porn stories Yes that there, three together happened only today! A want from her still and an anal. From one party, in boobies at it the passion, a with another burned, it was afraid of the unknown. Therefore it decided to be prepared and came into the sex shop. There she, being burned with shame, I got an anal stopper and lubricant. Houses the girl unpacked the purchases, and before a dream decided to practise. She made to herself a big enema not to test awkwardness tomorrow, and when it was absolutely clean, greased an anal opening and a finger with lubricant, and accurately pushed a finger inside. The finger was densely clasped by a ring of muscles. She wanted to develop well him not to test pain tomorrow. She wanted to get pleasure. When the bottom got used to one finger, it pushed the second and became slightly potrakhivat itself, fingering a clitoris. When in a bottom three fingers were located already, it decided to try a new anal stopper. Having well greased it, Trisha began to enter a toy into a bottom accurately. The stopper was much wider than fingers and therefore went hardly. No the girl massaged the ringlet, relaxed, and with a force pushed a stopper in the hole. Muscles clasped her very densely and pulsed, trying to push out a subject. No Trisha advanced a stopper to the narrow basis, and that was densely squeezed in a bottom. The girl panted and fingered a clitoris. Then she tested the most unusual orgasm. Next morning she repeated the procedure and decided to leave a stopper inside that the bottom remained ready. Trisha internally burned down so shame, looking people in a warehouse in eyes. At last, she met three men in the room: Jeremy, Michael and Steve. Without excess words, the girl began to do blowjob to three loaders, helping herself to hands. When their dicks were already firm, they began to take off from her clothes. — Vaaaau — Michael stretched, having seen a stopper. — Yes you and the truth were prepared — and slapped it in a bottom, leaving a scarlet trace. — We will leave for a dessert. Troe friends turned the girl on a circle, in turn fucking her in a vagina and a mouth so that at Trisha the head already began to spin. Her hips and a face all were in a cum and saliva. After a small respite, Michael took out a stopper, beholding the wide pulsing opening. — we Will begin! — he proclaimed. Steve took from him from hands a stopper and pushed it Trichet in a mouth. — your mouth has to be closed while we fuck you. If you pull out without permission, you will be punished. Understood?