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We have no forbidden subjects, well unless that the spouse doesn't love a lizbiyanok. Well, so this especially personal. If someone - that doesn't love tea or coffee, so it is not a problem for the others. And so, in sex for us everything is opened, especially we love anal sex. But here temperament at my spouse such that she one hasn't enough of me. After sex with her I as "squeezed orange", and she flies only into a passion, though cums with me several times. It isn't enough her of me one. She needs to be fucked for hours, and I "one-arrows". I can long not cum, differently satisfying the spouse, but if terminated – everything, the second time I don't want. To such hyper sexy women as my spouse without lover in any way. But for all these years, you won't believe, neither at her, nor at me wasn't, any petty intrigue on the party. Even didn't try. Because and venchana we really love each other. Probably, God takes away. But the spouse began to be ill often, one, another, the third. And several doctors told her that at this age she urgently needs the lover, and it is more best two. Otherwise the chronic dissatisfaction can develop into different serious diseases. We consulted to it and decided to look for the lover. Only where to take him the lover? The spouse tried to look for, it is natural from my consent, but it only in words quickly. "on a call" refused boys at once. She doesn't accept unconscious sex and sympathies in principle. I tried to get acquainted on the Internet on "Mamba". In real, on different actions. In total bestolka. Especially this is surprising because washing the spouse, surprising beauty the woman. In the years will iron as the girl, even the woman language doesn't turn to call. Are let hair down. The figure is very fine. A breast of the fourth size, the daddy accurate, a waist, legs, itself I go bananas when I see. When goes, so all men stare. Especially as means allow, and taste and ability to put on her God didn't offend. Looks always as from "cover". The problem is that nobody is pleasant to it. Or, speaks, idiots and freaks, or just aren't pleasant to it. Says that on my background nobody can be pleasant to it. Here such paradox – wants to change and can't. Already half a year looks for the lover and can't find. Here also I solved on the 45th anniversary of the spouse, to make by her sex – a gift. I found in the Internet of two guys, in my opinion, nice, well harmonious, high and large. Small men don't make horney my spouse at all. I exchanged letters, phoned, met. I explained a task, stipulated conditions: – to fuck together until itself tells - will be enough. - to listen to her in everything and to do that speaks. I promised decent remuneration for quality and quantity. And here on the appointed day and hour, in the morning – a call to a door. Both, as well as agreed, came with flowers and on ceremonial, as on an appointment. The spouse still was in a bed, slept. 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All together we said: - Happy birthday.The bouquet of roses was scattered on a bed. Guys began to kiss the spouse's hands, shoulders, a neck. One already tried to kiss on a mouth. She escaped and naked ran in a shower. Running by me, I kissed on a mouth. Guys remained to lie on a bed. The spouse as always long and carefully washed. And having left a shower in the Japanese dressing gown, with the set hair, she resembled the mermaid. When she came into the bedroom, guys were stupefied because such beautiful woman can seldom be met on the street, and long sex a marathon with this beautiful woman was coming them. On their dicks it was visible that they very much want the beginning of the performance where the part of lovers of the main character is assigned to them. The spouse laid down on a back, and guys began to caress her body, kissing and stroking hands. One reached the pussy, the second kissed her on the lips. 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