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Ee of a window came to mine. Well, almost. I had a floor one higher. Every evening I watched her. Even I bought for this purpose the field-glass with big multiple increase. I saw how she undresses before a dream as absolutely naked goes, flaunts in front of a mirror with the body and the elastic sticking-out forms. Even it happened to observe how touches and caresses himself. And Mother I watched ee too. They lived together, the daughter in the room, Mother in the hall connected to kitchen. Honor curtains when didn't push, so that everything was looked through well. To approach Mila already to courage, probably, won't be enough. Yes, and when you see into what cars she gets, desires and hopes disappear quicker. Time was closer to evening, hours five. I habitually took the field-glass in hand, and took seat at a window to observe. In the hall, in the apartment Mylae, there was a table, on a table of a bottle with beer, an on a sofa sat is lovely between two thickset guys. One was in a t-shirt and jeans, another in summer trousers and a wrinkled checkered shirt. Te violently that that was discussed, or told the party in ee. It seemed that she what-to clamped. The hand of one stroked ee a hip through black lasiny. Milina the breast with nipples was well looked through, delaying the fitting pink topic. The second guy added it beer to a glass, without forgetting to stroke the "good" girl on hair. Guys continued to convince the girl of what, that parted hands, justified itself, showed for time. It obviously angered guys. It is a little later she received easy slap from one of them. Already silently it is also guilty I listened to quieter speech of one of guys that-to told approvingly in the answer, having again shown for hours. After it not without the help on the right of sitting I bent the head to his groin. The guy lowered a little trousers, Mila slightly opened a mouth, swallowed as she a bait, "bolt", and began to move the head under the approving accompanying phrases. On their smiles it was possible to assume it. At me everything contracted with jealousy, powerlessness inside, from the fact that these guys allow themselves, and at the same time strong excitement. So, with this bitch that knew with someone to be found. The second ee the friend smoothed out it the back through leggings, preparing, probably, for penetration. Gradually I began to bare the girl's buttocks. Mila came off the occupation to object the guy, but ee returned at once, there, where there has to be "nipple". A little later leggings pulled together to knees. It seems, Mila tried to oppose, but ee strong held by hair, without allowing to take out a dick from a mouth. After resistance the girl continued to move intensively the head, sucking a dick. Behind already I began, to adapt which in a t-shirt, having got previously the eregirovanny the dick. Suddenly all turned back in side of the hall. Mila raised the head, and quickly pulled panties with leggings. Then I got up and I went to a door. Through some time I returned to the room with two more guys. Comers exposed a new portion of beer on a table, gave the rest to the girl that she put in the refrigerator. Guys greeted the friend the friend, dragged up two chairs to a table and took seat. Mila, that-to gesticulated, showed for hours, standing a little at some distance. My neighbor in windows was obviously nervous. Guys on a sofa gestures showed that she needs to return there where she sat. It is visible that they were angry. The girl, indecisively and obediently coming nearer, following instructions, after all I agreed to sit down on a sofa. Ee was approvingly stroked on the head here and poured some beer. Chto-to began to explain, gesticulate again, Mila only blinked eyes. After the educational conversations I lifted up a topic, having bared the boobies, but I refused to remove. It was noticeable how she is confused four guys. Everyone tried on elasticity of charm of the girl, that only reddened with shame. Later tried to pull together the top dress but what left with Mila, the girl pressed to herself hands. Guys for a while lagged behind, having continued to drink beer. Near the sitting children, hips didn't forget to stroke Mila. Ne it is necessary that the girl cooled down. Passed still kakoye-to time, the neighbor became all more compliant, and more well, but continued to be nervous and look for hours. It became clear to me why?! At one of the moments all turned back in side of the hall. The room was entered by Milina Mother, the Aunt Ira. I returned from work. Taken away, obviously surprised and excited the woman. One of guys suggested to sit down to Irina. Probably, passed to acquaintance. Gave to the woman a mug. Milina Mother agreed only because of decency. Communication continued. Now "processed" two bitches. Gradually began to touch the girl, already at Mame. Irina began to state to guys. I decided to get up from the place, but ee put for a shoulder sitting next here. Suggested to calm down poured still a beer. T stories about sex he women changed on quieter. I continued what-to to explain to children, in the answer I received a portion of explanations of guys. The daughter reddened and hid eyes, on ee to legs hands of guests continued to walk. Guys felt themselves surely and conducted rather impudently. Attempts of the woman to argue and state discontent were stopped. Here already and ee slightly embraced for shoulders and stroked on a back. As only it seemed to guys that ladies ripened, Mila by a hand was led to the bedroom. The girl obediently followed. The woman got up from the place to stop, but blocked her a way. Then Irina took the handbag and got from her phone, showing to children. Here successfully also I lost the things. At phone removed the battery, put in a handbag and postponed all it far away from the woman and suggested to sit down on the place of the daughter. The woman obeyed. One of guys stretched a full mug of beer and suggested to drink to a bottom. And here Irina couldn't refuse. To touch the woman's legs in kapron stockings brought to guys pleasure. In the bedroom, Mila on protivivshis, after all removed a topic, a behind that leggings and panties having remained in some white socks. The guy sat down on a bed, a my former schoolmate got up before him on knees. The head actively moved. I had contradictory feelings of rage again, to get also excitement. One of guys who was in the living room went to the bedroom to help the friend. Other two friends continued to cope with Mother, having poured in her in couple more of full mugs. So the parties it seemed that the woman is demoralized. Alcohol and impudence parey suppressed will. Irina became, all is more available. I allowed to pass to myself between legs a hand. Na some phrases of guys according to I nodded. In the bedroom Mila already stood on all fours on a bed. Guys fucked ee from two parties in a mouth and писю. Probably, it was pleasant to it. Yes, and to children too. I still time could consider ee the smart back and the shaken elastic boobies. For it, probably, it was not for the first time any more. I used demand. The guy who put her in a mouth held strong hands by the head that she couldn't release the dick getting at all length. Without experience it was impossible to accept such for certain. In the living room Mother already agreed to bring pleasure. One of guys brought ee to a window, somewhere showing, and inclined for a neck forward. The aunt Ira rested hands against a window sill. The guy lifted up it a skirt, lowered a little panties, and the dick drove. I began to fuck methodically forward movements the woman. Ta moved from pushes forward, grabbing a window sill more strong. I moaned. The guy entered passion accelerating hitting o basin a wide roundish bottom of the woman stronger. In the sleeping room the daughter was already fed with a cum. The girl licked lips how to appear in other pose. Now she lay on a back, leg an in white socks were lifted up to the head. The second guy finished, increasing speed, driving in her the bayonet, didn't terminate yet, without having found time to take out. Mother Mila received a portion of a cum on the bared bottom. Not for long thinking ee was spread out on a sofa. Ne waiting so far she will undo buttons on a blouse, helped to break off. Then pulled off a brassiere and a skirt with panties, having left in some stockings. Irina moved apart legs, having given an opportunity to be located on her and to get into ee a hole long ago to the tired of waiting guy. That somehow quickly streamed in her. In the end the dick allowed to suck round. After done, already well become tipsy, the woman was given a beer mug again. Continued a conversation. Mila was brought to the living room in some socks and seated with Mother nearby. Bitches embraced the friend to the friend. Through kakoye-to time to the bedroom took away already Irina. There is ee as also the daughter was taken from two parties. In difference from the daughter, the woman choked more often. It wasn't accustomed yet. When bored children, they began to gather. To Dali Mila of the instruction after what, the girl brought a long raincoat. He intended for Mother. The intoxicated woman in some stockings was dressed up in him. Na legs Irina put on the shoes, and followed guys, having left the daughter one. When all left, Mila went to the bathing room and settled to sleep. The girl's mother I didn't see a day more three. Probably, it was strongly busy?! Only then I appeared as didn't happen in anything.