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Parallel to a game I edge of an eye watched a reality - a show therefore concentration was not at height. By carelessness I missed a figure. The player from Turkey writes. — do you Sleep? — Yes. A that? — I answer. — you Answer how the little girl. I continue to play ignoring his remark. My guy comes into the room. Having read correspondence, says: — Monica, answer him, he offended me. — In sense? So I play, a not you. A I it seems so far still girl. — Yes, I don't argue but the Turk thinks that he plays so me therefore considers me "dork" now, time I didn't answer. Write to him that he is a gay! — Ne I will be. Therefore that he wrote the truth. I am a girl. — Monica, so write to him then that you also are a girl! You sit on the page of the guy. In what difficulty? Or write as I ask. — Ne I will be! — I answered — I Know these Turks. He will begin me then kadrit! It is necessary to you? Think what you tell! While we argued, I missed one more figure and listened to the most interesting of a reality - a show. The Turk wrote again: — Well that, the little girl, you will play? A that I already begin to yawn. — Monica, I so will also listen from it to insults? Write o what I asked you. — Yes it is good, good! — I became angry and wrote that he is "gay" — Is happy?! Andrey approached behind and having pushed a hand under a dressing gown, squeezed fingers my breast. Except panties and the short dressing gown which is pulled together with a belt on me more nothing was. All intimate places were in easy availability. — Yes, I am happy. A take away from it a horse now until he came to feelings after your answer. Through couple of minutes of Turks writes again: — In vain you are so! It is very ugly from your storonyubrav my hands from the keyboard, my guy unsubscribed for me: — Watch the market. Russians and in Turkey can get! — satisfied with the answer he began to kiss me on a neck. I won back one more figure and leveled positions. The player from Turkey writes: — You what sat? A that you communicate as the convict. — Till this time I sit and probably to me begins it it is pleasant! — having laughed the matter off I wrote, feeling excitement from caress of the guy. The Turk after the next answer missed one more figure and gave me advantage. — Monica, you can when you want! We completely psychologically broke it. It was necessary to carry out a good combination and to put a mat! — Andrey supported, having started fingers in my panties. — I Sympathize, I wish you good luck. — the Turk answered trying to avoid defeat. Having removed the laptop from edge of a table, Andrey pulled out from under me a chair and put dog-fashion. Having pulled off panties, he began to kiss my bottom, massing two fingers a pussy. Having inserted "friend", Andrey smoothly began to do forward movements, having grasped a waist. — Think Monica, think! Think! Ne hurry! — he kept saying, pushing the penis in my body is deeper and deeper. I focused on a game not so quickly to terminate. Having attacked a pawn on a tour of the opponent, I gave an opportunity to the elephant the following course to put artful blow, having announced the shah to the king! Darling accelerated speed, having slapped in my bum. To continue play I couldn't any more. Andrey squeezed my boobies and stopped, having waited for a pause. A then began to do circular rotation by a basin. — O my God! My God!!! — I screamed, having felt an orgasm. It was magnificent! Never I thought that it is possible to get such pleasure from chess — my turn! Go to a shower! — my guy shouted cheerfully and I took seat instead of me on a chair. — Now I will show as it is necessary to play! — he cried out, offered the Turk a revenge. I went to a shower. When returned, Andrey sat with a sour mine. The Turk won a revenge, a then and two more times. — Ne worry, it is all only a game. — I tenderly told the guy, having gently embraced. Our lips adjoined and we began to be engaged in love again.Well a to you, my dear reader, I wish good luck and love. I kiss. author Monica Lizovski